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  1. jamesino

    jamesino Member

    I recently learned that I should stop using task killer apps to save battery life.

    I have Watchdog installed on my phone that monitors the CPU that each app consumes. Is the amount of battery life an app consumes purely a factor of how much CPU it's using? In other words, the amount of RAM used by the program doesn't dictate how much battery drain it's using?

    Secondly, if I minimize a game like Angry Birds or World of Goo simply by pressing the home button, such taht when I opent he game agian, it loads right away and I am back at where I left of, is it take up more battery in the background thatn if I had killed the app?

  2. Easilyamused

    Easilyamused Well-Known Member

    AFAIK RAM is always consuming some a minimal amount when device is on... It's changing those values that increases power consumption.

    No. See first reply. Only matters it the background task is active.
  3. jamesino

    jamesino Member

    So I shouldnt' be worried if a specific app is displaying 0.0% CPU usage, but is taking up 100mb of RAM?
  4. jamesino

    jamesino Member

    plesae delete this message

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