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  1. Playin24_7

    Playin24_7 Member

    Some of my friends say they aren't receiving my texts and those
    that make this claim all have one thing in common... they don't have
    smartphones. Some only receive garbled text, nonsensical partial sentences
    or letters that don't spell anything, I have noticed the ones who get these garbled texts
    all have cheap little flip-phones, or trac phones. Others will receive
    my texts but only every other one I send. I notice when I type more than a sentence or two, they almost never receive them. Friends will whip out their phones &
    show me what my texts look like & it's ridiculous! It looks like
    a 5 yr olds typing! no matter how short my sentences are, they arrive to the recipients phone in pieces, they are always split up & out of order, so if I send one text with two sentences, it will arrive in 3 different texts, with the middle if the sentence arriving 1st, the end of the sentence arriving 2nd & the beginning of the sentence arriving last. Some people receive the whole text msg, but every single word has a space between each character, l i k e t h i s. Some people recieve texts with "@" between each character instead of a space, l@i@k@e t@h@i@s . I called AT&T & they
    have no idea what it is but I seriously don't think it's my service, I think it's my phone.
    I have a non-rooted Samsung Galaxy S2 locked to AT&T. It is only 9 months old and never been dropped and doesn't have any water damage or anything. I downloaded some texting apps so that I could test it for myself by sending myself texts from my phone number and from the texting apps, & some of the apps received the texts with the spaces between each character & the "@" between each character, but not the garbled or chopped up texts that some people get. Also, If I am typing and I tap between a word or letter to add something, after i backspace, it will copy & paste what i've already written, so it posts or sends twice! its SO annoying! I never know who got my texts & who didn't & I'm always asking people what kind of phone they have so I know whether they will receive my texts or not. People with smartphones ALWAYS get my texts, some with non smartphones get them, but in the condition i stated above, some don't get them at all, and some receive some but also don't receive some. People with iphones always get my texts, intact & in their entirety, android users usually always get them, but sometimes not, but the occurrences are minimal. I've gotten to the pount where I just strictly use google voice to text, but if my phone runs out if data, i cant use it because it requires an internet connection. I just want to be able to text from my regular phone number like normal, not all crazy, nonsensical, chopped up texts or them not arriving at all! Does ANYBODY know what the heck is wrong with my phone??

  2. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    I just looked through the settings in the stock messaging app (you are using that, right?) and didn't see much that would effect the message. You might want to see what "input method" is set to.

    Barring that you might want to try a different text app like Handcent. If that doesn't change anything I'd look to see if the folks who don't get your texts are all on the same carrier. It might be their problem.
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  3. punisher_uk

    punisher_uk New Member

    spliting the mesg into 2 or 3 screens is duee to the amount of text you type old phones can only recive about 20 or 30 words in one screen as for the @ and stufff you not snding smile or imoticons are you ? will check over my stock sgs2 now and have a look :)

    could it be down to the font your using ? (not sure if we can change the font )
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  4. punisher_uk

    punisher_uk New Member

    well all i can see is if you go to msg ,settings ,inputmode mine is set to gsm alphabet
    im using ICS upgraded 1 week ago from gingerbread
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  5. Playin24_7

    Playin24_7 Member

    Thanks you guys :) I appreciate your responses. Well now my phone is stuck in a boot loop caused by AT&T and confirmed by the manufacturer (Samsung) so i can't access the text settings, they are going to flash the phone today so hopefully that will fix the problem because I believe the problem with the texting is somehow tied into what caused my phone to be in this continuous boot loop. If the flash works and I'm able to get past the startup screen, I will see if my texting is back to normal, if not, I will check the settings. Either way, I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks for your help :)

    P.S. yes, using the stock texting program that came with the phone. Not using any smileys (well, not in between each and every character! lol) and phone splits up texts no matter how small the message is that i type. Like, if I type "I am going to the store, call you when I get back" which is 12 words, my friend will get 1 message that says "the store, call you" then a 2nd one that says "I am going to" and a 3rd that says "when i get back" often times the words are split in the middle, like: "the store, ca" then the other half of the word will appear in the next message "ll you" often a one sentence message will be split up into several messages each containing 3-4 words. It's annoying as %$#! But i'll let you know the outcome! thanks again :)

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