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  1. shortskoolbus

    shortskoolbus Member

    is there anyway not to sync ALL contacts on this phone? I only want to synch "My Contacts" from google.

    I've looked around and it seems it can be done, but i dont see the settings on this phone with the mysense UI

  2. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    Open up your contacts....

    Then hit menu, View and then unselect tmobile, sim and phone. DONE!
  3. shortskoolbus

    shortskoolbus Member

    Thanks but I think this actually only removes them from view under contacts.

    However when i do a search, the contact still comes up, either under "contacts" or the dialer even. So all the contacts are still being synced, just not being displayed.

    Anybody else having this issue?
  4. tjsmith

    tjsmith New Member

    Yes, same exact problem with my MyTouch 4G. I cannot find a way to sync only the "My Contacts" group of my google contacts. It wants to sync 2000 or so of my uncategorized contacts - essentially everybody I've sent a message to in gmail. Plus, the abundance of contacts doesn't allow me to use the genius button - "Out of memory - please delete unused names from your contact list to free memory for voice recognition."
  5. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    okay you two... under the contacts / view section there is a drop down arrow that lets you decide whom to choose.

    For me i have:

    My contacts
    Co Workers

    I personally dont talk to most battleknight and android users due to the fact they are already in my normal contacts. So i unchecked them. Co workers, family and friends why double them up. All i have checked is my contacts.

    Once done go to your menu, settings, accounts and sync. Hit sync all. It may be a few i have google, tmo and weather. I do not like facebook or any other social update of my personal life so i dont care to have those. Now in my contacts i only have 76 people as before when i was in the same spot as you i had over 300. I hated the fact i had to have 5 phone numbers that are exactly the same for my dad and others taking up space.

    Another thing you can do is log into t-mobile and delete your contacts. Also do the same on your sim card. I dont think there is a reason to have 3 different places to back them up especially when everyone is in the google section unless your paranoid.

    Hope this helps.

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