onUpgrade() not called for project y which is copy of project x

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  1. vikas.patel

    vikas.patel Member

    To test database onUpgrade() scenario,
    I've copied original project(x) to new project(y) keeping all structure same (package id) to develop newer version which has some table addition/modification. To test upgrade scenario, I've older application(prj x, 1.0) installed and installing newer version apk(prj y, 2.0) to upgrade database but that "onUpgrade()" not called.
    It is only called when apk is built from same project (prj x), no matter other project (prj y) has same package id(structure). like following

    Is there any project specific properties to change ?

    Thanking you,

  2. vikas.patel

    vikas.patel Member

    It is because of [HIGH]getReadableDatabase();[/HIGH] method was not called which actually listen for database upgrade.

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