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  1. Steven58

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    To Whom it may concern:

    I would like to register my concerns about the weather. Last week we had a tropical storm/hurricane superstorm blow through here leaving us without power for nearly a week. It was very harsh. It left many people homeless. There were lives lost. Just fyi, I still don't have power at work, because of a downed power line. I have enclosed personal video footage of my area, for your perusal. Link

    To rub salt in a painful wound, just over a week after Hurricane Sandy, we are experiencing a heavy snow-making noreaster. I was wondering if whomever is responsible for scheduling the storms would consider giving us a bit of a break employing better storm-spacing management. Thank you.


  2. lunatic59

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    I think I read somewhere that Mother Nature is beta testing a Microsoft
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    Kind of reminds me of 2004 in central florida. We got hit by a Cat 4 (Charley), Cat 2 (Frances), and Cat 3 (Jeanne) Hurricane in a 42 day period!
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    I remember that. We went to Disney shortly thereafter.
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    Maybe it is you..


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