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OpenGL working on Galaxy (II5)General

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  1. Pieter

    Pieter Member

    on android-hilfe.de I just found:

    OpenGl ES Auf dem I7500!! Ja es geht wirklich - Android-Hilfe.de

    I tested it and it works - i can run opengl games fluently on my samsung galaxy now.

    For those of you who can't read German: you can get opengl hardware acceleration working on the samsung galaxy on II5 and probably any other version by copying the libhgl.so from a htc G1 device.

    Unfortunately the only way to legally do this is probably by owning a HTC device, but there are some HTC system/recovery images available for download, from the HTC website. Be sure to download the OTA image as it contains the files directly and you can just copy the libhgl.so file directly.

    Root your phone, remount the /system filesystem as read/write, then copy the HTC libhgl.so to /system/lib/libhgl.so . Reboot phone.

    Now you'll have openGL hardware acceleration!

  2. pegasus21

    pegasus21 Well-Known Member

    Sounds great. I'll have to try this later.
  3. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    If you grab the 'ota' versions from here you don't need to mess about with unyaffs :)

    HTC - Developer Center
  4. Pieter

    Pieter Member

    If you grab the OTA versions you'll get a ZIP file with a 'system.img'. This is actually an image of a yaffs2 file system. If you run windows, you'll need unyaffs even with these images to load them. If you run linux, you might be able to just mount them.
  5. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    No, the OTA ones have boot.img, radio.img and the system directory inside them. So there's no need for yaffs. Those are the ones ending -ota.zip and labelled recovery image

    I used signed-google_ion-ota-14721.zip myself even tho its for 1.6

    PS. great find.. the difference in speed forge is dramatic!
  6. tisti

    tisti Well-Known Member

    Indeed, you can just copy out the libhgl.so file from the OTA rar.

    You should edit your first post :)

    Excellent 3D performance! Speed Forge is no longer broken!

    I fell like I owe you an apology kam187 when I said that 3D games were running fine on G8. The truth is I flashed the phone from G8 to Hx on the first day I had it :p
  7. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    Heheh its ok. Luckily i didnt take time out to investiagte it! Now lets wait for the behold and see how this cube thing runs!
  8. tisti

    tisti Well-Known Member

    1.6 and 1.5 OTA both contain the same libhgl.so! Just checked their respected hashes :)

    Wow, checked all the games, the speedup is amazing. Love it.
  9. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    Tips on good games?
  10. tisti

    tisti Well-Known Member

    Here are some lovely 3D ones (all demos/light). Good for wasting time while waiting at places :)

    labyrinth lite - accelerometer based game (get the ball from A to B)

    Blockx 3D - 3D tetris

    Light racer 3D - tron style racing with light bikes

    Speed Forge 3D - easily the best 3D game so far (graphically), gameplay is also nice

    If you want an addicting game, check out Farm Frenzy, it's not 3D but it should be illegal to make such addicting games :D
  11. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    can you post the exact command to push this file?

  12. tisti

    tisti Well-Known Member

    Its on the link to the german forum OP provided.

    adb remount
    adb push [location of file] /system/lib/libhgl.so

    This worked for me. I saved the previous version of libhgl with the pull command. But I don't think anyone will be needing that:)

    We should condense all the information we learned into a nice wiki. The community has fixed most of the problems with the device. :D
  13. pegasus21

    pegasus21 Well-Known Member

    Now I'm wondering why Samsung didn't include their own opengl library. Then again... they have messed up NPS and the firmware...
  14. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    whatever happened to galaxy essentials?

    I mean if you want i can upload wiki software to my webhost and give the people here like yourself, KAM, pegasus etc access to add wiki info and upload software/firmware etc
    so we can just have one central database

    i have about 8 gig of space left and my bandwidth is 300gb per month so plenty of space :p
  15. Xenon

    Xenon Well-Known Member

    This is an amazing discovery. Any idea why Samsung left it out? Is it
    possible that it conflicts with something else?
  16. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    wow, armadill roll works and shizzle. lol at samsung fail and community win
  17. UKLooney

    UKLooney Well-Known Member

    Great find!

    Pulled the file off a 1.5 AVD with the system image from the HTC OTA firmware installed (one that lets me use the market from the emulator). Remounted the file system on my galaxy and pushed the file onto it (after backing up the old one). The first game I bought, Super-G Stunt, now works as it did when I had the original firmware.
    Galaxo v1.1 anyone?

    Q. Are Samsung really that clueless???
  18. UKLooney

    UKLooney Well-Known Member

    What if we pulled the old file from the G8 firmware and used that? (is it different?), would it work?
    If so, it would stop us infringing HTC's rights etc.
  19. tsphere

    tsphere Well-Known Member

    Thanks, pieter, for this prize catch!
  20. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    thats actually a good point
  21. pegasus21

    pegasus21 Well-Known Member

    Indeed it's a very good point. I just went back to my IFF backup and I see that file too.

    Will be checking if it's the same byte for byte as the one in the HTC rom.

    Ok. No need for an indepth compare. The file sizes are different. The one on HTC is quite a bit bigger.

    Now what's left is to test it on the device. If I ever get to it, I'll post what I find here.
  22. pasxal

    pasxal Well-Known Member

    Omg!!! Thats was a copy/paste... I think this explains a lot of weird things with our devices and the samsung support.
  23. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    It sounds like they took a stock qualcomm build and fiddled with it till it worked :p Instills alot of confidence eh!
  24. pegasus21

    pegasus21 Well-Known Member

    ... and accidentally deleted the opengl library during the process. LOL.
  25. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    looks that way

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