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  1. moveright

    moveright Well-Known Member

    ok, just got a droid 2 yesterday. AWESOME device.

    Question though, I can open pdf files that are attached to emails however, if I am browsing a website and there is a pdf file hyperlinked, when I click on the link it says it is downloading for a second then, nothing happens. so I click the down arrow in the notification bar and it always says "download unsuccessful".

    what gives? How can I view pdf files which are linked in web pages? I would prefer to be able to view them without downloading them and opening.

  2. smshroff

    smshroff New Member

    I have the same problem opening PDF Files on my android browser. Just wondering if you were able to resolve the problem.
  3. jvinsepa

    jvinsepa New Member

    I have the same problem - has there been a fix yet?
  4. garne2t

    garne2t Member

    Same problem here. I noticed it only happens on certain websites. Some websites work others don't. I also have sat next to a friend who brought up a pdf on his iPhone on a site that didn't work for my Samsung Droid Charge. Frustrating!
  5. popovski

    popovski Member

    You need a PDF reader. There are several free and paid apps to do the job. I use EzPDF Reader
  6. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    If you have Adobe Reader app (or any of the other several) it should open from email or browser. It should also open if you're signed into Google Docs.
  7. garne2t

    garne2t Member

  8. popovski

    popovski Member

    No problem here with these particular links, using Opera browser and EzPDF reader.
  9. ItalianHunk

    ItalianHunk Well-Known Member

    Works fine on mine. I'm using the stock browser and adobe reader which I think came with my phone. Not sure.
  10. garne2t

    garne2t Member

    Thanks for your replies. Anyone on the Samsung Droid Charge that can see if this works for them? I tried both the native browser and the Dolphin browser. My phone comes with ThinkFree Office (which contains a pdf reader). I also tried the Adobe Reader app. Neither work.

    The website again is ue=1 and click on one of the "scoresheet" links (a pdf document link). Nothing happens for me. Thanks.
  11. lklancher

    lklancher New Member

    I just got my HTC Inspire - created a PDF, gave it to my web guy to to upload into our web site - created a QR Code for the PDF.... My phone scans it - and finds the URL, but then it will not open or download the file...just get a blank screen. Tried it on a Android Atrix and a Droid - none of them work....yet you can email the link to gmail and click on it and it downloads and works at that point... seriously perplexed and frustrated..thoughts.... waiting for a friend to IPhone it....
  12. bittersw33et

    bittersw33et New Member

    I was having the same problem on my Samsung galaxy s 2 when I figured out how to open PDF links in the browser. You just need a PDF reader and I used adobe. I went to my browser with link to pdf, pressed on the link until a menu of options popped up, press on save link. Once it finished I pulled the notifications tab down and pressed on the file and I opened it with adobe. You can also open it with quickoffice. Hope it works!
  13. Steve_CD

    Steve_CD New Member

    Install Firefox for Android and Adobe Reader. Firefox should pass the PDF directly to Reader without you having to launch the download yourself. Works for me on Samsung Galaxy 2 with 4.0.3.

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