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  1. Boxytheboxed

    Boxytheboxed Member

    I have been having a bunch of issues with the messaging app, and was wondering if it was just me. I keep having this issue when I will select a text conversation to open, and it will open another thread. I have made sure I am selecting the right conversation, it just likes opening another one. Also sometimes when I use the puzzle piece unlock method to go straight to the new text, it just opens the homescreen, or opens to the list of text conversations when it is supposed to open the specific thread.

    I am rooted, with LauncherPro running, but I had the same issues when running full TW.

  2. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Hmmm I cant say I've ever run into any of those problems myself
  3. mandirae16

    mandirae16 Well-Known Member

    i've had some of these issues too. Not sure what causes them.
  4. proskier

    proskier Active Member

  5. Yes. I get this ALL THE TIME with my Desire / 2.2. It's so annoying. When are they going to fix it? :(

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