Operation Retrieve Bravo Info

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  1. droidoholic

    droidoholic Well-Known Member

    Okay guys, here is your chance to play detective. We are all itching for info on the Bravo/Passion/Incredible so here is our chance to take matters into our own hands. The idea here is to create sort of a matrix of information regarding these phones. Call your local verizon store and inquire about these phones, get as much info as possible. When you do this, post to this thread your findings. Hopefully together we can begin to clarify some of our questions regarding these phones. READY, GO BRAVO, ALPHA, TANGO, uhh nevermind.:cool:

  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Phandroid article coming up later : Network 3 in Sweden has announced on their facebook their getting the Bravo in March :)
  3. jrennel

    jrennel Active Member

    Spoke with my friend at verizon. He CLAIMS HTC is coming out with a Bravo/Passion/Incredible soon. He said we should start hearing about it Feb. He thinks it will be out around the end of Feb. beginning of March. He didn't know what the name of the phone would be, I am not claiming this to be fact people. Just a conversation I had with my friend who is a VZW manager for the past 7 years. He did say he believes info should start coming in around Superbowl week. Keeping my fingers crossed. I really want this phone.......I can't stand my Omina anymore.
  4. vapordub

    vapordub Well-Known Member

    OK, I wanted to post this a few days ago in the other thread, but it's kind of disappointing so here it goes ... take it for what it's worth.

    A friend works at a Verizon Corp. store. Not sure of his title, he's higher than the average Joe but he's not a manager. He has worked there for years.

    I asked about any new phones coming out soon (other than the Palm and Moto stuff) and he said the only phone he's heard about is N1 (Google phone). I asked if he'd heard about anything else ... Bravo/Incredible ... and he said no. Not training, no pricing, nothing.

    I then asked if it's possible that there's something coming in the next few weeks or early Feb. that he doesn't know about or hasn't heard of and he said yes, that's a possibility.

    He follows the scene, he knows of all the rumors and talk out there. He has heard nothing other than the Nexus One coming in the spring.

    So, in a nutshell, he couldn't confirm anything, but I assure you. If he knew anything, he'd have said something. I have full trust in that and I honestly believe he knows nothing of any phone coming to Verizon soon.

    This is what this thread's about, sorry for the not so good news, but you asked and this is what I've heard from a trusted source.

    FWIW: He's also heard nothing of the iPhone coming either.
  5. Nigelahmad

    Nigelahmad Well-Known Member

    i've been cursing at mines lately!
  6. rdalcanto

    rdalcanto Well-Known Member

    Don't know if this adds to anything, but here is my story. I was planning to get my Droid Jan 9th (the first day I could port my AT&T number over). I was in the store on the 7th. They wanted to make a sale. I said I was waiting for the Passion, and didn't want to get my phone even two days earlier than I needed to because I didn't want to kick myself if I got the phone on the 7th, and the Passion came out Feb 9th. I said I would only buy it if they would give me 32 days to cancel the contract instead of 30 (Feb 9th). He talked to the manager, and they agreed to my terms. It is possible the manager knew nothing about the release of the Passion. It is also possible he knows it is coming after Feb 9th, so it made no difference to him if he gave me 30 or 32 days....
  7. jrennel

    jrennel Active Member

    I have had this phone for a year now, I really want an Android bad. Actually I really want a HTC with sense, I could care less what they call it.
  8. droidoholic

    droidoholic Well-Known Member

    well, I called one of my local verizon wireless stores and they guy I talked to was either clueless or unwilling to divulge any information. I asked if he had heard of any new phones coming from HTC and he said no. So I guess strike one for me so far.
  9. jrennel

    jrennel Active Member

    From what I have heard, again dont quote me this is what I was told. We should start hearing about it around the week of the superbowl, so your assumption may be correct. I hope so, I am eligible for my upgrade today but I am willing to hold out a little longer, but I don't want to wait too long.
  10. BradGfromBoo

    BradGfromBoo Well-Known Member

    I think i win the "I have the worst phone right now" contest with my LG Chocolate (1st gen). Verizon + Htc commercials need to be delivered on the Super Bowl. Gettin tired of those droid commercials anyway.

    FWIW I talked to a friend who is a manager at a verizon store. He has heard nothing of the Passion/Bravo/Incredible. His store is a somewhat small store when compared to some verizon stores i have been in. So he may just be left out of the loop.
  11. jrennel

    jrennel Active Member

    you win. Lol
  12. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    Hell, I've been waiting since the end of July. What's another month...or two...OR THREE. :cool:

    What, no consideration for my V3c with 15 minutes of talk time? :D I'm on my second battery and it's end-of-life. I'm trying to hold out instead of replacing the battery...again.
  13. eipee73

    eipee73 Well-Known Member

  14. droidoholic

    droidoholic Well-Known Member

    Great find Nigelahmad!!, I must say it's a little disappointing that it's not running a 1ghz snapdragon!?:( However it is running Sense UI on Android 2.1. :D Overall if I have to pick and choose, I will just deal with the 850mhz processor. I just love Sense UI! Not to mention that's still faster than anything else Verizon has out right now. Now if they can just get it on the fast track, into stores and into my hands.

    In regards to this thread, I called two other Verizon stores in my area and neither of those knew anything either. I just wonder how far in advance regular store employees will know about new phones coming out? Strike two and three for me. I might try some stores a little farther out from me later.
  15. GeorgeH

    GeorgeH Well-Known Member

    Couldn't agree more. Makes no sense why the N1 would get 1ghz and the Passion only 850mhz.
  16. Hitman69

    Hitman69 Member

  17. droidoholic

    droidoholic Well-Known Member

    Thanks Hitman69, Nigelahmad clued us in on this new development a little earlier. Great to see some new info come out finally!
  18. Hitman69

    Hitman69 Member

    From what I saw it doesnot sound like it is so" incredible "
  19. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    For a Sense phone it would be. How much of a difference is a 150mhz really going to make between the Incredible and the N1?
    The biggest problem is only 71 mb's for app storage. Though its possible other people had added stuff onto the phone and taken up more storage then one would see at launch. Though that 71mb includes navigation, goggles, star map and the normal apps that might be fine for me.
    Though damn people cover the watermark and take a picture.
  20. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    HTC sucking a certain part of Google's anatomy. They have another phone coming called something like Buzz I think that is a snapdragon but underclocked to 600mhz.
  21. eipee73

    eipee73 Well-Known Member

    I don't think the 150MHz will make a HUGE difference, but it would be nice to see them put the 1GHz processor into the phone. I will say that the app storage probably does have something to do with many people handling the phone and testing out apps on 2.1 w/Sense. I wouldn't flag this as a cause for concern until we get solid specs on the phone.

    I will say that I think the 11 homescreen thing is a tad excessive though, I really think 7 was probably quite enough (but I'm sure we all know we'll find a way to fill them :-D).

    I'm looking forward to this phone even more after hearing native multitouch as well as some further collaboration with CoolIris. If you have Firefox and have not checked out the CoolIris add-in I would highly suggest it, it is awesome for doing Google image searches.
  22. Ruben

    Ruben Well-Known Member

    I hope it gets the 1GHz...I mean that is what the roadmap says that HTC leaked.
  23. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    It'll be interesting if Google strikes up some deal with in-store support for the Nexus One, or just to see how things evolve in general between now and when it hits Verizon. I'd opt for this HTC Incredible simply for the better support, but that's the only reason. Otherwise, I would tend towards the Nexus One. Something tells me that Sense UI running over top of Android 2.1 will need every megahertz possible to keep things smooth. The Nexus One while mostly smooth, has it's moments and that's running stock Android. Throw Sense UI into the mix and handicap it by 150MHz? Ruh-roh.
  24. markanderin

    markanderin Member

    I've been following threads and news on the HTC Passion / Incredible / Bravo ...or whatever for a while. Like a lot of people, very interested in the specs and when it might launch on Verizon.

    I would love to think it will be soon. Problem is Nexus One and the fact that N1 is being promoted and is actually promised "Spring 2010".

    Unfortunately, the two phones seem way too similar for Verizon to put out at virtually the same time. Since N1 is actually out there with concrete confirmation that it is coming in Spring - i just can't see how Passion (et al) can be launched on Verizon at the same time. Not enough has leaked to make me think it will be early February - then you have spring - which puts it at June at the earliest.
  25. shawn487

    shawn487 Well-Known Member

    what makes you think verizon wont release it at the same time as the nexus one? arent they going to release the palm pre plus and pixi plus at the same time they both look very similar i do understand one has more features then the other but very similar?

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