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  1. theskyline06

    theskyline06 New Member

    Phone: Razr i

    The difference:

    Usually locked phones only work with one network, BUT - T-Mobile UK have joined Orange UK and in my list of selectable Networks I can chose either "T-Mobile / Orange" or "T-Mobile". Both work.

    The issue:

    My data singal on "Tmobile / Orange" is rubbish, but it seems this is the phones default option and when I select Tmobile it reverts back to Tmobile / Orange around 15 mins later. I need to change the default carrier to Tmobile.

    I'm thinking there must be an app that could lock it? I'm open to rooting if this will help solve it.

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Actually I think you might be stuck on both just because it is how the network works now that the carriers merged.

    You could potentially go into the APN settings and see about just making it the T-Mobile UK settings.

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