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Opinion on unsubsidized Razr M priceGeneral

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  1. PeeLoWanKenobi

    PeeLoWanKenobi Well-Known Member

    So I have an opportunity to buy the Razr M for $230 through craigslist. Is this a good price?? According to the seller, it's brand new, never used.

  2. gridbug

    gridbug Well-Known Member

    If it's truly new and with a clean ESN, that's a very good price. I was in the market for a replacement last week and the best price I could find on one on eBay was just under 350 so if you can confirm that the seller/item is legit, go for it!

  3. PeeLoWanKenobi

    PeeLoWanKenobi Well-Known Member

    thx the seller backed out, but the average going price i'm finding on craigslist is $250. I would only buy for sure if the seller agrees to meet at a vzn store anyways, so i'm not too worried about getting scammed.

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