Optical Keypad Wakeup

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  1. jdmba

    jdmba Well-Known Member

    Any thoughts about adding Optical Keypad Wakeup as a Virtuous Toggle? I believe it would simply be swapping out the standard curcial-oj for a modified one (but I could be wrong).

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  2. crazydog

    crazydog Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see this included with the ROM:
    [SOLVED]Wakup via Optical Trackpad - xda-developers
    Whenever there's a non-patch update, I have to manually reapply it, and it's not such a big that that it would cause problems. It could easily be toggleable too.
  3. MarcM

    MarcM Well-Known Member

    How do you uninstall this. I deleted the file that it adds in system/usr/keylayout but it still functions!?

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