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Optimal SD Card capacitySupport

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  1. xaliland

    xaliland New Member

    Hi to all the lovers and users of Samsung Galaxy Pocket,

    Before purchasing SD card, I want to make sure about the most recommended capacity. Samsung claims that this model supports up to 32 GB. Nice marketing words, but what about reality ? Does big capacity SD card affect RAM and/or CPU performances ?

    One more question : who knows about ADATa micro SDHC cards ? How much are they reliable and compatible with Samsung mobiles ?

    I am looking forward for reading your feedback ! Those who have some knowledge of the storage and hardware, your explanations are welcome and can be instructive ! Thanks :)

  2. xaliland

    xaliland New Member

    Any reply ? Any experience ? I thought this forum can be a little bit helpful.
  3. DoctorClu

    DoctorClu Member

    32 GB is a good number for the SD card. I use a Sandisk Micro HD card myself.
  4. xaliland

    xaliland New Member

    Thanks for your feedback. Good to know about it !
  5. mashhood ahmed

    mashhood ahmed New Member

    16gb memomry card is working like a charm. company sandisk
  6. xaliland

    xaliland New Member

    I do confirm. I have tried ADATA micro SDHC 16 GB (Class 4) and it works smoothly. I had never faced bugs. Moreover, while restarting phone, SD card scan is almost instant.


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