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  1. Mr Gh0st

    Mr Gh0st New Member

    This phone seems to be a ghost story in itself. I cant find anything. Why do I have this phone? Any way. Yes the Optimus 2 AS860 it is indeed. Can I root this thing with one of these apps? Ive tried everything and nothing seems to be working unless I am missing something. I am new to all this but ready to go. I first tried SuperOneClick and it said GG Enjoy! Restarting..and it never did nor did it work. I then fell to GingerBreak ... which for 15 minutes said it was rooting..cant take that long so I stopped it and downloaded Z4root..That program ran for about 10 seconds and sent me to my home screen. If I try to enter the program again my screen is just all white. I tried temp and permanent. Nothing seems to be working. Ide rather not do this all manually and brick my phone so I could use any help and from the amount of posts in here it is not looking hopeful. Thanks!

  2. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    What version are you on, 2.1? 2.2? 2.3?
  3. Mr Gh0st

    Mr Gh0st New Member

    cant believe I forgot to put that. 2.3.4
  4. Killngsworth

    Killngsworth New Member

    Umm, when I use my mass storage after hooking up my phone to the computer...It says "USB operation failed" and my phone doesnt show up on the computer. Can someone help? Android version 2.3.4
  5. stloftis

    stloftis Member

    Isn't this basically the same phone as the LGE lgl45
  6. Ghst

    Ghst Member

    Ok funny thing here is I have the same damn issue.

    Version: 2.3.4

    Do I need any other information to give? I have no idea if Gh0st knows are not but I believe that Andriod patched everything in 2.3.4. I guess my question now is what can people with phone models like ours do?

    My reason for rooting to increase my internal memory as I am tried of running out of so much space. Even if I move to to the external it isn't even really any help.
  7. Ghst

    Ghst Member

    Ist here something that we can refer too?
  8. Ghst

    Ghst Member

    I guess this is a full blown no.

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