Optimus Black getting Android 4.0 ICS confirmed by LGGeneral

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    What is happening with the Optimus Black and ICS? LG confirms ICS update for Optimus Black, 2X and 3D - Mobile Phone | ThinkDigit News and LG Optimus Black getting the ICS update, too? (Sorry i cant link them as i am new to the AndroidForums) both claim that we are, but im very wary of this as there have been quite a few rumours of us not getting it. I have emailed LG but have gotten no reply...

    Does anyone actually know anything about it?
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    I purchased 3 LG-P970 online for $200 each.

    One of them is so far doing okay, the other 2 have had issues.

    1 of them with issues has now had the flashing issue cannot get it fixed in Australia bcs of limited warranty.

    In a nut shell LG is shit I would not reco this phone, IPhone 3 and 4 is a far better pcs of hardware.

    If anyone finds out the flash issue pls post

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