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  1. cricketguy

    cricketguy New Member

    So I thought I would be cool and try to run a custom rom on my phone, I will admit I did very little research and didnt realize until afterwards that rom manager is not my friend. I'm really just trying to see if there is a way to get my phone back to life.

    My phone powers on and i get the

    Fastbook mode started

    anyway to fix this or do I need to have my phone swapped out. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  2. Take a look at this thread, I hope it helps!
  3. cricketguy

    cricketguy New Member

    Nah somebody just flames the guy for making this stupid mistake and gets himself kicked off the forums but he never gives any kind of answer on if there is a fix or not.
  4. 0DD

    0DD Well-Known Member

    read the whole thread
  5. rebel101150

    rebel101150 Well-Known Member

    That guy is me.I'm Tom,and I don't appear to be banned.Mods saw my view.I'm also THE SCENE DEV FOR THIS PHONE. The only one whos released anything for it.

    Check the verified developer status next time :)

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