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Optimus Logic?

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  1. faxanidu

    faxanidu Member

    Yea maybe. I work WAY to much. but i have some free time, plus i really like this phone the adreno 200 is a nice gpu. Camera sux but im ok with the trade-off, dont take many pics with my phone anyway, but scanning qr codes without the focus is damn near impossible lol. got the wifi working but the APN is royally f**** it seems cant even tell why off hand, gonna fire up the Dalvik Debug Monitor tonight and see whats up.

    Edit: also when you get your computer I can point u in some directions to help you learn, so you don't have to Google and trial by fire for months like me.

  2. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    I'm already doing that so point please. I started using my netbook because I couldn't wait one more day. My first try bombed tho. It is in bootloop. Can't get out of it at all. Had to put her nandroid back. I think I may need to get another fresh ROM.

    I have no idea what I'm doing but maybe if I learn enough of what not to do I can narrow down some stuff that works.

  3. enzopreme

    enzopreme Active Member

    anyone know of a sim unlock method for this device?? i want to use it with an at&t go phone SIM
  4. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    I keep hearing this but I have yet to find a ST phone that wouldn't take a AT&T SIM. I'll have to see if I can find a AT&T SIM to try in this one. I've been on ST for two years & swapped the SIMs & phones both ways. Some IPhones will take the SIM stoke have to be unlocked. I've only tried one Windows phone & it was locked. I'll have to see & get back to you.
  5. 903Tex

    903Tex Well-Known Member

    Won't work with a att sim tried it! Unless somebody makes a sim unlock like they did for the HTC inspire. I remember having using hack kit to root unlocked the phone to use other Sims.
  6. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    I don't understand why anyone would pay more for less anyhow.
  7. 903Tex

    903Tex Well-Known Member

    For those that use att that don't need unlimited talk and text. This is a cheap smartphone work great for those who have wifi pretty much whereever they go! But you can't beat straight talk/net10 value though
  8. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    I was talking about the service. Why use AT&T when you get the same thing for less with ST. I don't even understand using Net10. I'm glad people do tho so I can buy the cheaper Net10 phone & put my cheaper ST service SIM card in it.
  9. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    Well CM9 runs great & looks cool. Just wish it worked as a phone. With no IMEI number tho it may have a problem. Problem is: "TelephonyProvider( 488): Failed setting numeric 'null' to the current operator" It would also be nice if WiFi worked but it has driver problems: "E/WifiStateMachine( 205): DriverFailedState "

    I don't know how to fix these problems & keep failing in my efforts. I've done a lot of searching & working at this but to no avail. If anyone can offer guidance I would be thankful. I can offer system pulls for both ROMs to anyone welling to help if it would do any good.
  10. nicholeh

    nicholeh New Member

    I was wondering if any of you have been able to find a cell phone cover for this phone? I am looking at buying it but I am really wanting a cover on it, since i drop my phone so much. Any suggestions?
  11. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    I haven't looked. Go to ebay. If you don't find anything for the LGL35G try the e400.
  12. faxanidu

    faxanidu Member

    Got the week off. Gonna buckle down!
    ALSO running 2 threads now lol

    UPDATE 1!
    Edit: Posted some links for your viewing pleasure.
    So still working on the ROM bashing my head against the chalkboard! BUT I went
    ahead and tweaked the kernel since it was poorly written... Go ahead and try it out!
    Make sure you flash as zip in your RECOVERY MENU! Will make your phone ALOT more
    snappier! (I can play final fantasy VII with NO lag now) And it now has MOAR
    underclock! (122mhz) for all your power saving needs!

    Also i recommend using THIS!
    One Power Guard

    Wifi Problem............Bad Driver
    No service..............Not reading SIM
    APN not saving........UNKNOWN

    New STOCK Kernel

    CyanogenMod 9
    CM9 E400 Source
  13. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Hey all!

    Excuse my interruption, but we're looking for input about merging the Optimus L3 and related device forums into one. Can I ask that you take a look at this thread and give us some feedback?

    Cheers and thanks!
  14. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    I didn't have a USB problem with any except the newest release I think it is .....24 that worked the best. I had some a logcat that said something like provides failed to load. any way there is no IMEI which I believe is because the drivers for the radio are not loading or being overwritten.
  15. mynamestiki1

    mynamestiki1 Active Member

    Im gonna chalk this one up to bad luck. Oh well, got a galaxy proclaim instead, and it kicks butt. Glad you all had better luck than i did.
  16. toptech81

    toptech81 New Member

    LGL35G I am having troubles doiong anything with this can an ybody post m e step by step instructions on how to root and the tools to do so? I am straight talk LGL35G and ive been weeks working at trying to root anf no luck. ive used one click ,DooMLoRD_v4_ROOT-zergRush-busybox-su, ive tried other methods and either i am missing a step or something im needing some help thanks toptech81
  17. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    Yes I can help you but I would rather do it real time. Gtalk me.
  18. mcclellandk

    mcclellandk New Member

    ok so im still a fairly noob to this whole thing can someone either assemble a one click zip of jcase root or give me more detailed step by step on it i really wanna partition my sd card (got spoiled on my precedent) to add much more apps n dnt wanna brick my phn trying to wing it
  19. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    jcase has made it as simple as it gets. Unless you need help with adb. Tell me what part you need help with.
  20. mcclellandk

    mcclellandk New Member

    I just want to b sure i needent press anything or any special ways in the cmd strings other then wut jcase has.. I'm attempting this on win7 gnna try the drivers first to ensure everything is installed. is there anything else i need to knw or should i expect any surprises along the way? I need to root install cwm n partition the sd card but dnt wanna put a rom on it.. or change the factory os any other way... least not yet.. my precedent was a lot easier..
  21. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    There is a few more details like where the sun file goes & where to run cmd from. I'm going to update my thread on this a little later & I'll post a link.

    I've also read where at least 3 other people have used Super One Click. I tried it first & it didn't work for me so I can't confirm it. I've done about 20 of these with adb & for me this is the easiest way since I'm already set up with adb.
  22. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

  23. mcclellandk

    mcclellandk New Member

    ok... what am i missing?! i have all the sdk files i downloaded the usb drivers from lg site and i have used adb on my precedent (all in one one click file) but when i go into the cmd window and type adb shell it say invalid path or something like that.. am i doing something wrong?
  24. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    adb isn't set up. I did it with a installer that doesn't seem to be available now. Your not the only person having this problem. I'll try to figure it out and get back to you.
  25. jerzeeshadow

    jerzeeshadow Member

    I have the LG35g from Net10 and was wondering if there was a guide to using Terminal for rooting? Any help would be appreciated!

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