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Optimus Question Thread (Root/UnRooted)

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  1. Lilg37

    Lilg37 Well-Known Member

    I know alot about androids and I'm far from new at this, if u have any questions plz dont hesitate to ask. I've done coding and developing for the LG Ally and a bit for the Samsung Intercept.

    We only have 3 devs working day and night to make this phone top notch and reach its potential. So plz don't bug the the other 2 devs, that's what I'm here for so ask away and I check the forum every day atleast twice so b just a bit paitent

    We will do our best to make the best out of this phone if u can do ur best to be patient for us to get it done. So far this is what we have been working on.


    We've got alot to do along with helping u folks so my job is to answer ur questions and get u the help u need to make ur phone better then ever

    Thank You,

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  2. rebel101150

    rebel101150 Well-Known Member

    Guys I work 60 hours a week on top of coding for this phone trying to perfect a rom. I've passed along a lot of info to lilg and he's nothing new to the scene. Please show him your respect and if you have anything to ask at all don't hesitate. We don't judge, just please use FAQs before hand so he's not bombarded with basic android questions.That's what the rest of the forum is for. Thank you
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  3. LG-optimus-C

    LG-optimus-C Active Member

    I'm really new to this sorry :/ but is a custom recovery the recovery menu? Like when you reboot into recovery mode? Bc my phone does not have that...sorry for being a newb
  4. rebel101150

    rebel101150 Well-Known Member

    Yes it is. Your completely fine bud most people don't know.

    download it there on my site.I'm the main dev so everything is legit I promise. We'll help you through it.
  5. vinxra

    vinxra New Member

    I would just like to thank all of you for all of your work. Its people like yourselves that made the computer revolution happen in the first place.

    I have installed all of your current customizations, and I now love my phone.

    I am not new to computers in general, but I am very new to android. I am currently reading everything I can find about android development, with the hopes of being able to give back to the community soon.

    Thanks again, and looking forward to your future projects.
  6. rebel101150

    rebel101150 Well-Known Member

    It's comments like that after my ten hour shift that make my day. Your so very welcome. I'm so glad you love it.
  7. LG-optimus-C

    LG-optimus-C Active Member

    alright man i have the recovery installed and working thanks man...now my only problem is it says the cm7 zip i downloaded from your thread isn't signed correctly? and ive read that you have to toggle sign verifacation is that what i do? and do you know the recovery key sequence when phones off? thanks for the help man
  8. Lilg37

    Lilg37 Well-Known Member


    and plz by all means make a nand back up befor flashing cm7 or u will not be able to back to stock. ive been looking for a way to do it but have failed.. not saying i dont personally like the cm7 (rebel did a amazing job porting) but i would like to switch to stock incase i have to go to cricket for n e reason concerning phone issues

    good luck
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  9. mattsledge

    mattsledge Active Member

    Okay, I've downloaded the files (recovery, flash_image, kernel, etc...) and have them on the SD card. I can get into su with no problems but once I do the mount command, it's not working for me - I get the 'Usage: mount yaddayaddayadda' message.

    Any ideas, and I simply forgetting to do something beforehand?

  10. rebel101150

    rebel101150 Well-Known Member

    You following the readme word for word? should install.

    Let me know exactly what it says
  11. mattsledge

    mattsledge Active Member

  12. LG-optimus-C

    LG-optimus-C Active Member

    thnks for telling me to make a nand backup before bc i didnt kno...but thanks for letting me kno bc when i flashed the cm7 when i would try to turn the phoneon it would load past the lg screen to the boot animation but then it would freeze or go into a loop..so i restored the backup and am did a factory reset and trid agian only this time when i try to install the recovery it the it says "cannot create /system/bin/flash_image: read-only file system" can you let me kno what i need to do? oh and updated the phoneto 2.2.2 which i didn do the first time is that the problem...i did it this time so that it would return the phone as if i just got it from cricket...thanks for all your guys help
  13. LG-optimus-C

    LG-optimus-C Active Member

  14. mattsledge

    mattsledge Active Member

    I figured out what the problem was. I had an extra space in the mount command. Doh!
  15. LG-optimus-C

    LG-optimus-C Active Member

    Okay nevermind I got it to work but whenever I flash the the three zip files you have posted rebel it never loads pasted the boot animation:/ can you help or tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  16. rebel101150

    rebel101150 Well-Known Member

    Did you perform a wipe before you flashed cm7?

    you don't flash cm7 and then the other zips like the kernel.

    what's the third zip you were talking about?

    Also make sure the card is partitioned of course. with any rom you need to perform a wipe before flashing
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  17. LG-optimus-C

    LG-optimus-C Active Member

    The third zip is the set CPU
    But I did the partition and wipe and now its working
    How do I install the kernel?

    And can I change the metro pcs?
  18. rebel101150

    rebel101150 Well-Known Member

    Ah just flash the kernel through the recovery menu say like you would a rom. don't even bother changing metro pcs. It's pretty simple but it's just an interface change. I'll probably release a change for that soon along with a gps one for people having trouble.
  19. LG-optimus-C

    LG-optimus-C Active Member

    Okay man I really appreciate all the help I finally got it up and running:) the only thing is that when I go to flash the kernel it reboots then it shuts off and stays on the LG screen so I just quit trying:/
  20. rebel101150

    rebel101150 Well-Known Member

    thats really odd.download it again and then try.ill put up the stock kernel to flash soon in case you mess up so you dont have to flash cm7 again
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  21. LG-optimus-C

    LG-optimus-C Active Member

    Okay thanks man

    Oh and does the metro mms zip fix work?
  22. kidricky

    kidricky Member

    Well, It didn't work for me.. I can't do pics.. I just have been using my ipod touch to send and get pics :)
  23. rebel101150

    rebel101150 Well-Known Member

    It works fine.It's to disable the metro things, it's just a variant of metro off.

    I just got a pic on mine so possibly your area?
  24. LG-optimus-C

    LG-optimus-C Active Member

    No I can't get pic messages either I just have them emailed to me though
  25. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator


    I've moved this thread to the all-things-root sub-forum.


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