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Optimus S replacement battery?General

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  1. nickarli

    nickarli Active Member

    I currently have an Optimus S with terrible battery power. Does anyone have a battery that they got as a replacement and it works perfectly? If so please reply with a name of the battery and/or seller. This battery also has to be normal sized because.of my otterbox. I found some online but didn't know how it would last me, and didn't really think I could trust reviews too much. Thanks.

  2. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    I can’t tell from here if it’s actually a bad battery -- it may be that some app or service is dragging it down. For instance, some apps like to futz with the internet all day long. If I have 3G turned off, my Opti will last a few days. But I wouldn’t have much to do that way, so I use Connection Manager to have handy way to turn off 3G whenever I can.
  3. jonny5449

    jonny5449 Well-Known Member

    I use an extended battery 3600mAH
  4. mhilinski

    mhilinski Member

    here is the website to go to get a replacement battery

    Sprint go to the accessories page find optimus s click on that and then scroll down until you find the battery and click add to cart to buy !
  5. jessegilbert

    jessegilbert Member

    I've tried two replacement batteries, both from EBAY. One standard replacement, which works fine, and another obersized 3600 mAH, that comes with a replacement back cover because the battery is oversized. I am very pleased with the oversized battery since I don't mind the size & weight. I don't notice it. My wife stuck with the little batteries, and she just has to charge more often. Either way, if I'm on Wifi around the house, I get good battery life. If in the wild looking for 3g, battery doesn't last so long.

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