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optimus s user, sharing the love

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  1. NOMster

    NOMster Well-Known Member

  2. illhuskerini

    illhuskerini Member

    Thanks for the tip. Downloaded and have it working.
  3. cheaplikeafox

    cheaplikeafox Member

    doesn't t-mobile already have the wifi hotspot tethering available on the optimus T without the shortcut? They won't start charging for tethering until later.
  4. NOMster

    NOMster Well-Known Member

    i dunno lol. i'm a sprint customer, just thought i'd share.
    cheaplikeafox likes this.
  5. cheaplikeafox

    cheaplikeafox Member

    thanks for sharing though!
  6. lisalela

    lisalela Member

    So, I can use my Optimus T as a Wifi hotspot with no charge by installing the "quick settings" app?
  7. illhuskerini

    illhuskerini Member

    That's my understanding as well. Of course, I use an unlimited internet plan for my mobile as part of the paygo here in Italy.
  8. lisalela

    lisalela Member

    I'm sorry. I'm not very savvy with this Wifi Hotspot business. Can I tether with this "quick setting" feature? And, please dumb it down for me....is "tethering" connecting your laptop (for example) using your mobile device as a modem? If so, then what settings do I adjust to tether?

    Thanks. Sorry for the dumb question..:confused:
  9. saberhack

    saberhack Active Member

    Yes for 15 dollars a month
  10. vapore0n

    vapore0n Active Member

    Yes. Tethering means sharing the phone's 3g connection via wifi. Connect any wifi device to it, like a pc, or a Wii.

    Install and run quicksettings
    If wifo hotspot is not shown, click the menu button and select customize
    Add it there.
    Once added, click on the Wifi Hotspot text to configure
    Enable portable hotspot and then click configure
    On the config screen enter the password you want for the wifi

    And done. The wifi should be named AndroidAP unless you renamed it.
    I use a widget to toggle the hotspot. Used to use quicksettings but wanted something prettier.

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