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  1. jwrobel0398

    jwrobel0398 Member

    Is there anywhere to get hold of a DETAILED manual for this phone as the one that comes with the phone sucks. Even trying to figure out how to set up the simplest things is a major pain in the rump.

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  2. Barky

    Barky Active Member

    All the simple basics are covered in the manual as far as I can tell. Beyond the basics, that's what sites such as this are for. If you want to know more about a particular app, you can ask in the appropriate forum, or check the developer's site. I've learned quite a few things just browsing through Q&As posted by others.
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  3. pearlygates

    pearlygates Member

    You also might try logging on to LGs webpage. They have a downloadable manual for the slider..I'm pretty sure.

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  4. PerkinsII

    PerkinsII Well-Known Member

    Here is the online manual
  5. Racj

    Racj Member

    I found the LG manual in the link below for the LG L55C and it has been much more informative then the Virgin Mobile manual. Keep in mind that there are some items in the menu that Virgin Mobile has locked out. Like the roaming option for example. Here is the [link].

    After further review, its not much different then the manual PerkinsII posted.
  6. zerogvfx

    zerogvfx New Member

    $200. for a phone with incomplete documentation? That's why sites like this are necessary. There's no excuse for an incomplete user manual.
  7. Barky

    Barky Active Member

    I'm wondering what you and jwrobel0398 haven't been able to find. So far neither one of you have asked any questions about how to use the phone, or about any specific instructions that are missing from the manual or VM's online How-To Guide.
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  8. jwrobel0398

    jwrobel0398 Member

    Thank you!
  9. jwrobel0398

    jwrobel0398 Member


    Let me explain why I'm a little peeved with the transition to the Optimus Slider (Virgin Mobile). This is my first "smart phone" so I am more than likely behind the times switching from Verizon and a Samsung Alias 2 with no data package. After playing with this thing for a while I attempted to watch some newscats and other videos and I kept getting an error message that I needed Flash Player and I attempted to download the player from the Apps store. Well, upon attempting this I received an error message stating my device did not support said app. Now when I bought the phone off Amazon it stated that it shipped with Gingerbread that supported Flash 10.1 within the description of the phone under detailed specifications!? So, does this phone allow one to view live newscasts or other videos with the shipped installed software or do I need to download alternatives? I have searched and some have recommended Dolphin HD or some other alternative browser to access/view and/or receive such broadcasts. This is what frosts my butt, this should be simple stuff but Virgin Mobile fails to provide the documentation and/or make one aware of what one needs to do to be able to view said content. One of my other pet peeves is that there is no instructions on how to move applications to the SD card as space is very limited on this phone and I purchased a 32g card but it is of no use to me as far as I can figure out. As I said, I'm new to the smart phone gig but you would think other than having to search on sites like this for answers I'm sure anybody else in my shoes is looking for it could be avoided with FULL DISCLOSURE of what this phone is and/or is not capable of. I think it's a great phone for some one transitioning to a smart phone but without any direction it's pretty much useless and very disappointing.

    I appreciate all of everyone's input and good luck.

  10. Barky

    Barky Active Member

    Sorry you're disappointed with lack of Flash, and completely understand your frustration with learning how to use a new device.

    On both Virgin Mobile's and LG's sites, there's no indication that the Slider supports Flash. So Amazon is incorrect in stating that it does. They haven't even corrected the description after several reviews mentioned lack of Flash. I have the Fox News app downloaded, and they have videos that do play. They're not live, but they are current. There's probably a number of other apps with compatible videos. A new thread where we can share them would be good idea.

    The reason the manual doesn't tell you how to move apps to the SD card is because it's not up to Virgin Mobile or LG to tell you how to use someone else's software. The manual does, on pages 7 and 17, tell you about the Manage applications screen, how to access it, and that you can manage how applications use memory.

    Not all apps can be moved between the internal memory and the SD card. If an app can be moved, the option to do that is provided by the app after clicking on it through the Manage applications screen. There's also apps you can download to help you readily see which apps can be moved.
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  11. duanec

    duanec New Member

    I believe flash support (through the market) is determined by processor type. Even though the slider is faster, it's processor generation is below the flash spec.
    I had the same issue with the Optimus V... but you can get flashplayer apks and install them.

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