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  1. Almenik

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    First time Android user here, I love it.

    I have the 'entry level' Optimus T from T-Mobile. It has 2.2. My question is regarding the menu screen. When you open up the menu you can create categories. When i create a new category it will go to the top of all of the previously made categories. Is there away to rearrange the the categories or do i need to move all my apps and rename the categories? Also i renamed the old 'DOWNLOAD' category to 'JUNK' and made a new 'DOWNLOAD' category. Then when i downloaded a new app they goto 'JUNK' (the original download category).

    Being the perfectionist that i am, i am hoping there is a way to correct this.
    Thanks for all of the help.

  2. Almenik

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  3. downeaststudio

    downeaststudio Well-Known Member

    No, unfortunately there is no way to fix this. It is the way LG has it's home screen system set up. I did find however that by downloading a different home screen system (ie: an HTC Sense mock up) that all the icons are under one single category. If you also root your phone you can also use Titanium Backup to remove any unwanted apps.
  4. Almenik

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    Okay thanks ill look into rooting!
  5. RavenDBlades

    RavenDBlades Active Member

    Root is always an option, however there may be no need to do that. I have been an Android abuser for almost 2 years now and have found on my Optimus that I didnt like the LG UI. So I went into the market and downloaded Launcher Pro (free) as well as Home Switcher for Froyo (free) and use the Launcher Pro set up since it is MUCH more customizable than the LG UI. It takes a bit of getting used to but, as with you I too am a bit of a perfectionist and also a bit OCD and MUST have my Apps in a certain order. I like the layout of Launcher Pro for that reason. Good luck and welcome to Android.
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