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Optimus T - Skin - what are you using???Accessories

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  1. Hoib

    Hoib Member

  2. illhuskerini

    illhuskerini Member

    I haven't found one yet. I am still using the protective cover screen when the phone shipped. If I can't find something soon, I might just use a regular slip case.
  3. Hoib

    Hoib Member

    OK, thanks. I was wondering where everyone was here on this forum...

    If I find one at the T-Mobile store tomorrow I'll post back.

  4. Hoib

    Hoib Member

    OK, I was able to find something pretty good!

    Went to the T-Mobile store (not a kiosk - but a brick and mortar store) and they had a real nice silicone gel protector for the case and they had a screen guard/protector that is cut precisely to fit the screen. You get two protectors in the screen kit.

    I must warn everyone, be very very careful with the screen protector because, it picks up oil from your fingers, dust from the air. It has what appears to be a light translucent adhesive that sticks to the plastic screen. This adhesive surface is most difficult to get clean once it attracts any substance. If you are forced to wipe it, you must use a very clean cloth and you must "swipe" with good pressure only in one direction, one swipe only before changing the cloth's wiping surface which is to be changed on every swipe. Otherwise you will just re-wipe the scunge you just took off. Get it right the first time because if you have to pick it up, you'll find it much harder to eliminate air pockets. Mine is not perfect because I thought it would be much easier than it is.

    So, I've got the case protected and more importantly the screen isn't going to get dinged.

    Both products carry the T-Mobile logo but do not contain the actual manufacturer's name, address or any other info. Total cost = $25.60.

  5. lisalela

    lisalela Member

    I went to Best Buy and the agent there opened a Zagg Shield for the Sprint Optimus S and it fits PERFECTLY!! :) Plus they put it on for me and it has a lifetime warranty.
  6. bill97024

    bill97024 New Member

    I picked up the Clear Protector brand skin online and it's okay. It comes in either just a screen skin or a screen and back skin. As soon as Bestskins ever gets one I'll be switching to it though. Their kits are much more comprehensive and tend to be less expensive. I think their kit will go on easier too. I ended up with some bubbles that still haven't gone away after a few days with this kit. The BSE kits seem much more forgiving in how they are installed. I used them exclusively on my Blackberry and always had excellent results with them.
  7. aap

    aap Active Member

    For those who prefer the gel style case, I found one in a bunch of colors at amzer.com for $10. Screen protector not included... but otherwise it seems to fit the bill. It has cutouts for the ports and camera, and leaves the front buttons exposed, but instead of cutouts for the top and side buttons it has raised buttons of its own. I actually find it much easier to find and push the power button this way -- but I don't think it is getting pushed by mistake in my pocket.
  8. Gbert88

    Gbert88 Active Member

    damn i paid 20 bucks alone at tmobile for a gel skin. i feel like i got ripped off....
  9. lcanajoharie

    lcanajoharie Member

    I found a Body Glove hard shell case with a soft touch finish that belongs on the LG Vortex for Verizon. It fits almost perfectly...close enough for all the holes to line up, to be tight, and to keep the phone safe. The hard shell Body Glove cases are extremely rugged. Not sure if they are available for the Optimus T yet but you can find them for the Vortex all over the mall. I used a generic cut and stick screen protector.
  10. Njcellgeek74

    Njcellgeek74 Well-Known Member

    I'm still awaiting the arrival of my Optimus (early upgrade due to MT3G/Froyo disaster,lol) but in the meantime ordered a pink gel case off Amazon for $3.00 plus shipping. I think I might spring for an Otterbox later as the Optimus has to last me a couple years. :)
  11. kersur

    kersur New Member

    I prefer not to use a case and just buy a new battery cover if mine gets wrecked.

    They are only $8.49 here but you have to buy 2 at once:

    OEM LG Optimus T P509, P500 Battery Door

    Note: The price of shipping to Canada is insane for 2 pieces of plastic. Shipping cost me $34.99, for a grand total of $51.97. Ridiculous. Better off buying from eBay for $20 each.
  12. jac1599

    jac1599 Member

    I use a hard plastic snap together case and an invisible gadget guard screen protector (same material as zagg, only a little thinner). Picked both up from Ebay.
  13. trav2001

    trav2001 Well-Known Member

    I bought a silicone case, 3 screen protectors and leather holster on Amazon.com for a total of $10. The only thing I didn't think about was if the phone would fit in the pouch after it has the silicone case on...It doesn't :( I'll have to see if I can find a bigger holster now I guess.
  14. lisalela

    lisalela Member

    I have an Otterbox. It's amazing. You can go online to their website to order one. It is a plastic back and front snap case AND it comes with a screen protector. Phenomenal.

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