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  1. krismurty

    krismurty New Member

    I just purchased an LG Optimus with Android 2.2. Quite nice so far..except for the Wifi. I am able to connect to my home WPA Wifi network ( strong signal) but cannot browse any websites. Keep getting an error message.
    It works however with unsecured networks. I have tried factory resets, tweaked my router and wifi..but still doesn't work. Is there something I am missing out?


  2. JulyDerek

    JulyDerek Well-Known Member

    You have to enter the same password in your OP1 that has been set in the router. Also if there is a MAC Address filter in your router, you need to enter the MAC Address of the OP1 in your routers exception list.
  3. Fredrix

    Fredrix New Member

    I have the same issue on my Optimus One (w/ Froyo). The problem is the password. There is no MAC address filter on my wifi router. I guess the problem is the password. I need to enter encrypted password string (56 chars!!!). I loaded the sting into a txt file in my data folder. I can edit it with Write appli. But How can I copy and paste it to the wifi setting menu? I tried {Menu}+A key (for Select All), {Menu}+C key (for copy) and {Menu}+V key (paste), but it doesn't work.
    Any clue?
  4. JulyDerek

    JulyDerek Well-Known Member

    What encryption are you using? Even if you use WPA2, you dont need a huge key.
  5. nidocojobinv

    nidocojobinv New Member

    i have the same problem in my optimus p 500.iam not using any encryption and set my network to open,,,wifi will connet to modem,,but cant browse internet
  6. Andrew37

    Andrew37 New Member

    Some routers also allow for a restructive range of tcp/ip addresses as well. With my system, I setup the wifi on the phone, loaded the next tcp/ip number from the list of current tcp/ip on my router. Then my router detected the new device, including the phone's mac, and I just ticked to option to add this new device to the list of valid devices that my router will talk too. (It only took about 90 minutes!...)
  7. schmoniko99

    schmoniko99 New Member

    so, the optimus one will not connect to hidden wifi networks with mac filtering... even is you add everything properly?
    and it won't connect to hidden wifi with wpa-psk/wpa2/psk security?

    that make's it useless, doens't it?
    I need to return it asap?!!!

    any work around it?
    I had to broadcast my wifi at home, or i wouldn't connect.
    Also, it won't connect at starbucks! free wifi!

    it's useless if it can't connect to hidden wifi with wpa/wpa2/wep security and mac address filtering!
  8. Marvintheparanoid

    Marvintheparanoid Well-Known Member

  9. androider666

    androider666 New Member

    I have the same problem with my Koodo LG Optimus one (P500h).

    My LG Optimus one can work with WEP and WPA2/TKIP,
    but it doesn't work with WPA2/AES.

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