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Option to choose when downloading a movieGeneral

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  1. Rogueci5

    Rogueci5 Member

    Hi all.
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
    OS 4.0.3

    Question: When going to a flash site (I frequent lots of Martial Arts sites) I had a pop up dialogue box option to view the movie on the video player or the browser etc.

    Being not too bright and wanting it to play on the browser I installed flash, then found out that it may be a security issue in the future, so yes you guessed it I uninstalled it lol

    Of course now the movies do not appear and no prompt to use the browser :'(

    I have an answer about the Flash from the other forum :) but would still like the option of choice if possible? How would i re enable th epop up dialogue box?

    Any help would be appericated Cheers

  2. jwither

    jwither Well-Known Member

    It's interesting that your video player would even TRY to open one of these movies, then fail after you uninstall Flash.

    In any event, you're not going to get a pop-up window asking to choose which app to load one of these movies in unless you have two (or more) apps that are capable of opening it.

    If it's an .flv file, there are several apps that claim to be .flv viewers in Google Play. Search for FLV.
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  3. Rogueci5

    Rogueci5 Member

    jwither thanks I will get a flv player and see what happens :)

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