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Oqto Diagram - Looking for Beta Testers

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  1. MrOqto

    MrOqto Member

    Oqto Diagram

    Oqto Diagram is a cool diagram editing app. We are happy bring it to Android planet.

    Please help us with your feedback.

    Current features:

    - Mind map, flowchart, organization charts, logic circuits.
    - Multiple graph connection type: straight, orthogonal and curve.
    - Multiple connection terminal shapes: arrow, rectangle, circle and diamond.
    - Text decoration of nodes, pins and connections.
    - Share diagrams by exporting to PNG, JPEG, SVG and OQTO.
    - Open multiple diagrams simultaneously (multiple tabs support).
    - Diagrams browser.

    Market link:


    madeWithOqto page
    MadeWithOqto | Oqtosoft

  2. tonywood10

    tonywood10 New Member

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