Orange Android App Shop?

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  1. vesperaNovus

    vesperaNovus Active Member

    Does Orange still have this? Does it live alongside Market on devices or is only the Orange Shop available?

    Is there any reason to actually put my apps on the Orange Shop?

  2. jplamb

    jplamb Well-Known Member

    personally i never knew Orange did an apps shop and i have been on orange with my hero for over 6 months. there is notihing on my Hero about it
  3. poultrum

    poultrum Well-Known Member

    i would assume that the orange app`s shop will be for non android and iphone users only, i had an orange shop app on all my previous phones (non android) but not on my current hero. they released their orange wednesday app on the android market place so can`t see why they would do that if they had their own app store
  4. mattdanielc

    mattdanielc Well-Known Member

    me andf my girlfriend are both on orange. I don't have the app shop on my phone (hero) but she does on the Sony X10 mini
  5. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Well-Known Member

    I had orange app shop on my desire, till i debranded it.
  6. wonde0231

    wonde0231 New Member

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