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  1. Longfellow78

    Longfellow78 Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking of buying one of these on Orange. Does anyone know how intrusive the branding is? Orange are notorious for ruining handsets with their crap, so I'm wondering if they have done the same with the Galaxy. If so, does anyone know how easy it is to remove?


  2. Jaypeebee

    Jaypeebee Active Member

    I was quite suprised after getting this phone off Orange, the branding is not intrusive at all, unlike other Orange phones I have owned.
    There are just three Apps. installed -
    Orange Wednesday where you can see details of new film releases and where they are showing etc and get your 2 for 1 tickets, it's actually quite good.
    Orange Maps which I haven't tried so can't comment on.
    Contacts Backup - which seems useful. It will back up all contacts on the phone memory online at regular intervals.
    Also the Homepage in the Web browser is set to Orange World but that is easily changed.
    That is all I've noticed after having my phone for 8 days, hope this helps.
    One more interesting thing, it doesn't seem to be locked to Orange, just tried an O2 sim in and it worked fine.
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  3. Longfellow78

    Longfellow78 Well-Known Member

    Thanks that really useful information
  4. wihan1

    wihan1 Member

    Thanks a lot - I am also considering getting it on Orange and this helps heaps.
  5. knowledge1973

    knowledge1973 Member

    I can also vouch that the phone is pretty much Orange Free!!!
  6. drjmo

    drjmo Active Member

    I'm using the Orange maps app at the moment, it's pretty good. Not taken me down a dead end yet (unlike Google maps which did yesterday!). The contacts backup seems to work fine - not tried the 2 for 1 tickets job yet.
  7. _ray_

    _ray_ Member

    hi guys am due for an upgrade next week and was wondering if any of you have tried to install the beta firmware from samsung on your phone..if u have did it remove the orange software or not.

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