Orange County CA with T-Mobile - good network?

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  1. Roadstar

    Roadstar Active Member

    Thinking about leaving Sprint, getting the Note II, anyone dissatisfied with T-Mobile?

  2. kevlarian

    kevlarian Member

    I was on Verizon for years. I left Verizon for T-Mobile about two years ago. I live in south orange county and I travel a lot for my job. I love T-Mobile. the price point can't be beat.

    some of my T-Mobile friends aren't as happy as I am. the Verizon network is a bit better overall but the price point on T-Mobile can't be beat and it is at least 95% the range and coverage of Verizon for 1/2 the price.
  3. Roadstar

    Roadstar Active Member

    How is the speed? Do you get 4g speeds? I heard tmobile throttles your speed down, depending on your data plan.
  4. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    T-Mobile only throttles speed if you use more data than your plan gives you, typically only after 2 or 5 GB (though there is a 100MB plan). T-Mobile also has a true unlimited data plan.

    You should get solid speeds in Orange County, I've seen a report of 17 Mbps on T-Mobile there. My guess, based on what I've read/seen, is you'll typically get speeds between 8 Mbps and 20 Mbps.

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