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  1. terranim

    terranim Member

    These are instructions for how to restore your GMail, GoogleTalk and YouTube applications on the Orange (UK) Tattoo. The GoogleTalk and YouTube apps appear to function normally, but there are issues you need to be aware of with GMail which I will explain at the end. These instructions are for linux users, but should be possible to do on other platforms too.

    1. Download a standard HTC image for the Tattoo:
    HTC Click 1.65.405.1 WWE

    2. Extract it to a folder which should contain mostly img files. Then use the unyaffs application (see link below) to extract the system image:
    $ unyaffs system.img
    Downloads - unyaffs - Project Hosting on Google Code

    3. There should now be an app folder containing lots of package files. Connect your phone to your PC and mount the SD card. Copy across the Gmail.apk, GmailProvider.apk, Talk.apk and YouTube.apk files.

    4. Unmount the phone and then using a file manager, such as Ghost Commander, browse to the packages you just copied. Select each one to install using the standard package manager.
    Ghost Commander | SlideME

    5. Because the Gmail stuff hooks into the data synchronisation I generally find it a good idea to reboot the phone at this point.

    Congratulations, you should now find you have working GMail, GoogleTalk and YouTube applications!

    PLEASE NOTE: There is a major problem with the GMail application. Because it has been pulled out of a different Tattoo image it is neither signed correctly for your phone nor installed to the system partition. It does not, therefore, have permission to access the download manager. If you attempt to view/download any images/files from within the GMail application it will crash (due to lack of permission), unfortunately this has the effect of leaving its database in a locked state and so GMail will stop working completely. The only way I know to remedy this situation is to uninstall the Google Mail and Google Mail Storage applications and then reinstall them from the Gmail and GmailProvider package files. This forces the database to be deleted and re-created!

    UPDATE: As posted further down, here is the link to an archive containing the missing apps. The GMail problem mentioned above still stands though:

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  2. EddersC

    EddersC Active Member

    Apparently, on an Orange phone these apps are present, but disabled if you choose not to set up your Google account on initially booting the phone. The solution is to hard reset the phone, and enter account details, although I haven't tried this yet.
    See my post here:

    HTC Tattoo on Orange - Android @ MoDaCo
  3. terranim

    terranim Member

    Interesting response from Orange.
    When I received my handset last week, before the SIM was even registered properly I had followed the Google install procedure to link it to my accounts. The contacts and calendar began working immediately, but the GMail application was definitely not there. Since then I have hard reset the phone and gone through the procedure again, but again no GMail app.

    Having examined the file system on the phone I determined that Orange had completely removed the GMail, GoogleTalk and YouTube packages, hence the tutorial posted here.
  4. EddersC

    EddersC Active Member

    I've now tried the hard reset Orange suggested, entered my Google account details, and the GMail app is still not there. So I'm no further foward, and I've lost all my settings etc... :(
    This is consistent with your conclusion that the applications are completely missing, despite my Orange contact saying
    "The Gmail application is core to the Android Operating System being used on this phone, it can only be bypassed by user error."
    Grr. Back to Orange.

    PS thanks for your instructions -- I'm going to pursue Orange a bit more before trying them though!
  5. Tiamat

    Tiamat New Member

    Just been on to Orange about this problem.

    The first guy I spoke to had to keep going to his supervisors and other departments (Ian) and then I got asked had I tried the hard reset, the soft reset, and so on. Thanks to you guys, I had so I could brush past those problems. He then redirected me to HTC.

    HTC said not our problem, Orange messed with the handsets, can't help you.

    I've gone back to Orange, and now Craig is now looking into it, and I'm cheerfully explaining that my contract with them is up, its a big contract and I can go elsewhere...

    I'm optimistic - will feedback if I find anything out.

  6. EddersC

    EddersC Active Member

    Orange got back to me last night, and after a long conversation with a helpful chap (Phil), he and his colleagues were stumped...
    I persuaded them to raise a software bug, and they said they'd get back to me, but we'll see...
    Anyone else?
  7. Tiamat

    Tiamat New Member

    Have given up and sent this back to Orange. Really rather gutted but given the effort required to get anywhere, I might look at another service provided or handset or something.
  8. doughnuts64

    doughnuts64 New Member

    I have recently got the Tattoo on Orange, and having been promised it hooks up with the Google stuff in the same was as my G1 would have done, I was very disappointed to find that, in fact, this was not the case. Do you know of any way to remove other system applications? Orange have installed a number which are of no use at all, and I would like to get rid of them.
  9. doughnuts64

    doughnuts64 New Member

    I have a problem with the Gmail app in that once I have installed the applications (in the order mentioned in the original post) and have re-booted the phone, GMail forces close every time. Any thoughts as to why this may be? I have re-booted a second time, to no avail.
  10. terranim

    terranim Member

    Hi doughnuts,

    First of all, removing the apps that Orange have put on there is something I would also love to do, except you need root access to the phone to be able to do that and I'm not aware of the tattoo being rooted yet.

    Secondly, the GMail app is probably crashing because it does not have permission to access the Download Manager. I've had the same issue when attempting to download attachments. Only applications that have been appropriately signed or installed to the system are allowed access to the Download Manager, but because we have manually installed the GMail app, it exists in the user data partition not in the system. The only way to install GMail back to the system would be with root access, same old problem!

    It's very frustrating that Orange have modified the phones in this way. Maybe if HTC release a ROM update in the future it will restore the standard functionality of the phone, but who knows when that will be.
  11. iliko

    iliko Active Member

    I have just bought a Tattoo from ebay which is locked to Orange and I am very upset now :confused:
    Please keep the thread posted on the progress.
    Does anyone know a proper way to downgrade a ROM on Tattoo, will the goldencard method work on it?
  12. WilfMoralee

    WilfMoralee Well-Known Member


    These steps above have obviously been carried out by yourself. To save going through them all, and having to sign up to HTCpaedia, can you please upload the extracted apk's for gmail, gtalk and youtube?

    Many thanks
  13. iliko

    iliko Active Member

    Great I would like to ask the same thing as could not figure out how to use extraction tool. :D
  14. terranim

    terranim Member

  15. iliko

    iliko Active Member

    Thanks terranim,
    I tried to get the root but it looks like HTC fixed the hole used on Heros to obtain the root. Sadly it did not work on Tattoo. :-(
  16. tonyyeb

    tonyyeb Member

    Thanks for that... keep up the work on trying to get Google Mail to work 100% correctly. You'll be a very popular person if you can do it!! ;)
  17. tonyyeb

    tonyyeb Member

    Quick question. Does the Google Mail app crash if you try to look at an attachment or click the 'Show Images' button or is it when you receive a message with pictures or an attachment?

    I'm thinking if you don't 'Show Images' or try to view an attachment then you will be ok if this is the case.
  18. WilfMoralee

    WilfMoralee Well-Known Member

    @ terranim, you are a star mate, all working fully as described, love now that i get instant sync instead of waiting for a half hourly check through imap.

    Rep added for you mate! :)
  19. terranim

    terranim Member

    You're right, I've been using it happily for a while now, but only as long as I don't try to look at attachments or show images. If either of those actions are performed the program will crash, corrupt the database and will have to be re-installed.

    You're welcome, glad I could help!
  20. tonyyeb

    tonyyeb Member

    Great stuff. Ill give that a try tonight. It aint perfect but it is a million times better than what Orange and HTC are currently offering... which is nothing!

    Thanks again, rep already left ;)
  21. iliko

    iliko Active Member

    I installed these apps and except GMAIL everything else is working :)
    I can run GMAIL too but it stays there doing nothing.
    My ROM version is
  22. dmp76

    dmp76 Member

    Hello! I've tried the Megaupload link and it doesn't work! Can anyone post it again? Thanks!
  23. dmp76

    dmp76 Member

    Now it works again. Thanks anyway.
  24. deanbag

    deanbag Member

    Hi guys, ive upgraded with orange from and LG Secret to the Tattoo.

    The jump from the LG to the Tattoo is massive and at first i was very happy with the phone (still am really)

    Im not so happy with orange. 500mb a month does not seem alot when using a phone like this but maybe im just being greedy (ive discovered last fm since receiving the phone)

    The Notification bar on my Tattoo is grey. Kinda basic looking. Where as my friends Hero which he upgraded to through phones4u but still on orange, has a black glass effect looking notification bar. Also his wi-fi, bluetooth, gprs etc widgets are black, whilst again, mine are grey and more basic looking. not matching the v-phone-+ buttons at the bottom of the home screen like his does.

    Looking at promo shots of the tattoo online they all show the balck glass effect notification bar, so my question is this ... has anybody else with a Tattoo on orange got the same basic looking bar and widgets or is this just me?
  25. iliko

    iliko Active Member

    it is not glass like on mine too. Plus does it display 3G when it is connected on 3G? It doe sno on mine. :-(

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