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  1. orangeHero

    orangeHero New Member

    :( I have trouble setting up my orange email account on my Hero,it comes up as Authentication failed please verify your username/password,this happens all the time even though the information is correct. I didnt have a problem setting up gmail or hotmail,can anyone help:rolleyes:

  2. tojjer

    tojjer Well-Known Member

    I found it easiest to set my Hotmail account to check my Orange email ( did this via the pc )
    Any mail that comes in via my Orange email is sent to my phone via Hotmail, if that makes sense. :)
  3. orangeHero

    orangeHero New Member

    thanks ill try that
  4. android1230

    android1230 Active Member

    Hi I have Orange email set up on my Hero just fine.

    It took a while but if you have @fs or something similar at the end of your user name just take it off and it will work.

    Got this info from Orange.

    Try this first if it doesnt work I will post all my settings on here for you to copy
  5. orangeHero

    orangeHero New Member

    Hi, ive tried to do it through hotmail/gmail but still get the same problem on the pc ,so i dont know why:(
  6. android1230

    android1230 Active Member

    Ok here are my settings for orange mail

    protocol POP

    email address. ****@****.fsworld.co.uk (yours will be different)

    username. mysurname.fsworld.co.uk

    password. *******

    POP server. pop.orangehome.co.uk

    security type. none

    server port. 110

    login required. unticked

    SMTP server. smtp.orangehome.co.uk

    security type. None

    Server port. 25

    Account name. your email address

    your name. *****

    Try this works perfect for me
  7. orangeHero

    orangeHero New Member

    :)Thanks very much it worked,cheers
  8. JAME5

    JAME5 New Member

    I was getting the same "Authentication failed" problem after I upgraded the ROM, wiping all the email settings I've had for months.

    What I'd forgotten (if I ever knew) was that the PASSWORD you use when setting up the account on your phone is a different one from the familiar (memorable) one which you use to log in on the orange website.

    To find out what your "other" password is:

    1. log in to your orange email on a computer
    2. Go to "my settings"
    3. Click "Receive my POP password by SMS"
    4. Send
    You'll get an obscure password that you don't recognise. THAT'S the one to use when setting up orange email on your phone!

    Also, remember to un-tick "Login required" in your Outgoing Server Settings.
  9. redrover

    redrover Well-Known Member

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