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  1. ANM8

    ANM8 Well-Known Member

    Hi, when I first got my handset I thought good it's not Orange branded.! However after trying to locate some settings others have had no trouble finding I have realised it is:mad:
    A couple of things I've noticed missing are the "check for software update" from handset and the auto download attachments setting from E-Mail.(they must be removed by orange...!!!!!!!!!!!) It's so annoying that they feel the need to mess with the original manufacturers software. Has anyone else found any differences.? Cheers.

  2. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    Are you positive your missing the option to check for updates?

    Settings > scroll down to About Phone > Software Update
  3. ANM8

    ANM8 Well-Known Member

    Yep. Settings>About Device> no option for software update.!
  4. DaddyCee

    DaddyCee Well-Known Member

    that is pretty crass of Orange if that's what they are doing these days.
  5. itsnotarace

    itsnotarace Member

    My S3 arrived today which is on Orange, and it has the Software Update option on it.

    Settings>About Device>Software Update

    Strange if yours doesn't.
  6. ANM8

    ANM8 Well-Known Member

    I don't know if yours is a BRANDED orange handset or not but mine defo is and seems to be missing some options that a generic handset has. I was promised by orange when ordering the phone it would be a generic handset, so after a long call to upgrades and Tec support they finally agreed I should have been sent a generic phone, so mine is now on the way back to orange to be replaced with the generic one I should have got in the first place.:)
  7. willow15

    willow15 Member

    I am in the same boat. What other options do you think are missing as I will be making the same call to Orange tomorrow and more information is good. I to was promised a generic handset and thought all was well as it was not locked, but I guess I was wrong. Still loving the phone though as is everyone of my work colleagues with iphones. I think most of them will be jumping ship.
  8. ANM8

    ANM8 Well-Known Member

    The other setting I couldn't find that others seemed to get with no probs was the "AUTO DOWNLOAD ATTACHMENTS" setting for E-mail. When I phoned orange i also had proof that my phone should have been generic.! I still had the invoice that came with the phone that clearly stated Generic handset. That helped a lot. :p good luck.:)
  9. martytarty

    martytarty Well-Known Member

    The auto download attachment option is in gmail app, not stock email app, at least it is on my gs3
  10. itsnotarace

    itsnotarace Member

    Ah that looks like the issue then. I don't see any branding anywhere on my phone.
  11. jojo2007

    jojo2007 Member

    Got my S3 last week wednesday and realised yesterday that i dont have the update option either. So Iphoned Samsung and they said I have to get a new phone from Orange as this is not correct and the option has to be there. So I was on the phone with Orange for 1.5 hours until i finally got a supervisor on the phone. I had to make him get a S3 so he could see for himself that the option was missing, as before he was giving all that BS about no update there as it is a new phone bla bla.

    So he said i would get a new phone, as it is less then 2 weeks since i got the phone i should be entitled to a brand new phone (no refurb or anything), but because I have preordered on the 24/05 the system wont let them send me a new phone.

    They said they would call me back withing 2 hours, well that was an hour ago. So i guess i will be ringing them again as I want a new phone.

    To anyone having the same option issue, call orange now and get a new phone as that option has to be there.

    Sorry for going on, just love my S3 but want it to work propperly.

    By the way i think this will be my last time with Orange, their Customer Service is the worst.
  12. willow15

    willow15 Member

    I would completely agree with your comments about there customer service, utterly s*^te. I have also just spent an hour trying to get this sorted as my phone also does not have the 'software update' option in settings. The fifth person I spoke to was apparently someone from Samsung who said the updates were going out in batches. He didn't know about the software option in settings and I have serious doubts he was actually from Samsung.
    I will be phoning again tomorrow to get this sorted, will let you know what happens.
    How many people here who are on Orange have the software update option in settings?
    Which number did you use to contact Samsung jojo2007?
  13. jojo2007

    jojo2007 Member

    You can find the number on the samsung webpage.

    I spoke to Orange again and I am getting a brand new Handset tomorrow. If you have bought your phone online make sure that you tell them to send you a new handset before you had the phone longer then 14 days.

    I got so p.........ed off in the end that i told them either send me a new phone or they can have it back, that seemed to help. lol

    Let me know how you get on
  14. jojo2007

    jojo2007 Member

    Have you got your new phone yet? And has it got the right settings menu?
  15. ANM8

    ANM8 Well-Known Member

    Hi, I have spent another hour of my life talking to orange today, I phoned to check on the progress of my exchange only to be told in their own words it will be a new Generic handset "that is flashed with orange firmware" WTF..!!!!! how do they think it can be generic if they are putting their crap on it..!!!! I explained to them my invoice says Generic galaxy s3 and that is what I expect to get. At this stage I was passed on to the manager who said no phones would be available till next week and he can't guarantee if they are generic or not, even though the first bloke said they are all flashed...!!!! and he will have to investigate and get back to me......guess what no return call and I had to leave for work.

    I am truly pi$#@d of with the sheer ineptitude of orange customer services and I am going to have to speak with them AGAIN tomorrow.. Aaaaahhhhhhhggggggggggg.
  16. jojo2007

    jojo2007 Member

    Why do you have to wait to wait until next week, the Teck guy is spoke to said they have lots of stock of the white one and I am sitting here now waiting for the knock on the door for my new phone. And i only phoned them yesterday.

    When i phoned I said I want to talk to someone in England please, so they transferred me and the guy was absolutely brill, he even phoned me back.

    When you phone them on 150 go through the option where it says that your phone is broken or has a technical fault.

    If I want something from Orange i am now used to phoning at least 6-8 times in a day. Sad as it is but it takes that many attempts to find someone that knows what their doing.

    Keep me posted, once I have my new phone today I will let you know if it has the Update option.

    Well it better has or Orange is going to get all of it back and I will go somewhere else
  17. ANM8

    ANM8 Well-Known Member

    I forgot to mention, During yesterdays call with the Manager he said if they can`t get me a true generic phone my only option would be to go to a third party ie Carphone WH or Phones 4 U and orange would keep my new upgrade contract set up so i wouldn`t loose any of my loyalty benefits (15 years worth..!!!) not sure how that would work though..
    It will be interesting to see if your replacement has the missing setting and if it has Orange Firmware (which means you will have to wait ages for orange to push any firmware updates through after they have messed with them..!!)
  18. jojo2007

    jojo2007 Member

    Does your phone show the orange sign on startup?
  19. jojo2007

    jojo2007 Member

    Just got the phone and guess what it hasnt got the Update software option, time for a very angry call to orange
  20. jojo2007

    jojo2007 Member

    So i made yet another call to orange, first call i ended up shouting at the guy cause he told me not to phone if i dont know what im talking about. as..........le.

    So i phoned again and was lucky enough to get through to the call center in England. I then ended up talking to a Techi level 3 who is an engineer for Orange.

    He was very interested in this fault of the phone, and i am getting yet another brand new replacement on Wednesday (3rd phone).

    My old one will go to him and he will try and figure it out, as he says that yes i am right the option has to be there. And yes it is a fault and you are entitled to a phone with the update option.

    I feel the need for a tall drink now lol

    The tech guy reckons its a bad batch of phones.

    And for info, even the Generic Handsets from Orange will have the Orange startup pick, but no Bloatware. Well thats what he said anyway.

    The saga continues i will keep you updated.
  21. ANM8

    ANM8 Well-Known Member

    Hi Jojo, I`m really starting to think now of the offer from the upgrades manager of going to Carphone or Phones 4 U for a Guaranteed Generic phone (and keeping all my loyalty extras) i can`t see us getting an orange firmware free phone otherwise...I cant get back to him now till next week so i`ll just have to wait and see...!!!

    p.s my phone i sent back didn`t have the orange logo on startup, only on restart. (a guaranteed sign that its been oranged..!!!)
  22. jojo2007

    jojo2007 Member

    That offer just sounds to good to be true.

    Have they given you a new phone yet?
  23. ANM8

    ANM8 Well-Known Member

    im holding back on the replacement till i can speak again with the manager who`s not in till wednesday, can`t be bothered trying to explain everything to someone new all over again..!
  24. jojo2007

    jojo2007 Member

    So they have left you without a phone??

    The techi asked me to send in my phone and i asked what to do in the meantime and he said he could give me a 30 pound credit for a pay as you go phone and started laughing, well so did he.

    He agreed to do the same swap as I had this morning, I give them all back and they give me a brand new phone in original packaging. So by tuesday i will have three boxes and three headsets lol, at least I can sell these on ebay lol

    I truly hate orange, but i keep holding on lol what for i dont know.

    Like I said keep me posted and I will keep you posted

    Have a good weekend

    I'm Jessica by the way :):)
  25. ANM8

    ANM8 Well-Known Member

    Hi, I told them not to send me another phone till i Know exactly what im getting, I can use my old phone (still decent) till i sort this mess out..

    Yeah... Have a nice Orange free weekend.;)

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