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    Sep 23, 2010
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    Hi all,

    Been reading forums for hours and hours now, getting my Black HTC Desire on Orange tommorrow in UK.
    I am looking to unlock this and use it on O2 network.

    Im almost ready to have a play with unlocking and rooting/debranding but have a few questions I cant find answers to. Would be great if anyone could help me out as I cant seem to find answers anywhere:

    1) I understand that it makes no difference whether I unlock the phone with a unlock code before rooting/debranding or after - can someone confirm this please so I dont end up having to buy 2 unlock codes

    2) If I unlock the phone and its still on 2.1 when I put my O2 sim card in where do I get the 2.2 update from? O2 or Orange - so would I need to put in a Orange sim card on the unlocked phone to get 2.2 or can I get it from O2 as Ill have a O2 sim in the phone?

    3) I read alot of old threads saying a good reason to root was for the use of app to SD application - I hear 2.2 comes with this ability so is there any other major reason to root the phone or should I just update to 2.2 then debrand it (i.e. install new firmware like modacom only and dont root)

    4) Any recommendations on which custom roms best for UK HTC Desire - I heard modcomms is good - any others worth looking at that run on 2.2?

    5) Im going to use the unrevoked method on the phone is there anything I need to watch out for e.g. doesnt work on certain bootloader versions?

    Thankyou so much for your time reading I just wanna make sure I do the right thing with the phone when I get it - im so excited!

    Was going to go with my head and get Blackberry 9700 but went with my heart that said HTC Desire!


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