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  1. benjiharris

    benjiharris Well-Known Member

    Hi people

    Can anybody confirm whether they are having problems with data connection this evening on orange?
    I have been fiddling with my phone a bit this afternoon and this evening, restoring nandroids, flashing radios etc but since my after I finished my last tinker the data connection was still working, so I dont think it could be anything I have done!
    However, about 6-7pm I could not get a data connection.

    In the past, I have known orange data to be a bit dodgy and go down for a bit (as friends on Orange have also had problems.


  2. agento

    agento New Member

    Yes. I had the same issue and thought it was me messing as well. Seems ok now.
  3. daysineuropa79

    daysineuropa79 Well-Known Member

    been down all night for me
  4. MrChainsaw1

    MrChainsaw1 New Member

    Hi guys, thought it was me too, but is a general Orange fault - just spoke to their helpline and all mobile data is down due to a server fault (I assume APN authorisation?). expected resolution is by 7am tomorrow. this has not been posted on their service status page due to so many staff away over bank holiday weekend.

    This is apparently primarily a London/South East issue, although all of UK apparently affected. My BlackBerry still works though, as BIS/BES are on separate servers. Android and iPhones are down.
  5. stueyboy

    stueyboy Well-Known Member

    I lost connection this afternoon. A real bugger as I was trying to use the satnav to get around the forest fire in Swinley forest at the time. Police shut loads of the roads arounf Bracknell. total nightmare. Still out for me at the moment. I've changed ROMs and everything wondering if it was something I had done. I'm actually glad it's not just me that's having problems..
  6. Tommex

    Tommex Well-Known Member

    My housemate and I were wondering about this too, it's very annoying. Good to know they're sorting it.
  7. MrChainsaw1

    MrChainsaw1 New Member

    seems to be back up again now in London area...
  8. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    I have the problem as well.. It happens to me alot. It's very annoying. Last night I switched 3G on and it didnt connect... I left it on all night and this morning it was STILL not showing '3G' at the top of the screen :mad:
  9. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    It's back now for me
  10. T1611

    T1611 New Member

    Been having huge problems with Orange in the Exeter area, for the past few days i haven't been able to get an internet connection at all, delayed texts, calls going straight to voicemail when people try and call me. I thought that my phone (HTC Wildfire) was playing up, but when i rang Orange Customer Services they said that there were loads of masts down in the area, and that there was no fix date.....helpful. Cannot get a mobile internet connection at home at all, even when i connect my phone to the Orange T Mobile Network but at work (3 miles from home) the phone works fine. Anyone else having issues?
  11. stueyboy

    stueyboy Well-Known Member

    I reckon that someone kicked a cable out of the wall on Thursday evening and it was buggered until they all came back this morning...
  12. T1611

    T1611 New Member

    Its the fact that Orange don't seem able / willing to give any fix times that annoys me, had the same problem last year and it went on for weeks.

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