Orange UK released two updates last night for older Desires

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  1. Spambo

    Spambo New Member

    Orange have finally released the update for the 'few' users who were on build 1.15 of Android 2.1 (the 'few' as far as I can make out is anyone who bought a Desire before August).
    Check for updates in the usual manner (settings>about phone>system updates>check for updates) and you should see the update to build 1.22 (which finally allows upgrade to Froyo).
    I did update checks immediately after upgrading and got nothing for a couple of hours but then finally the long-promised Group update appeared. The Install went fine and all is right with the world :)

  2. Spambo

    Spambo New Member

    'Froyo update', not 'Group update' - still getting used to the old keyboard after removing swype beta before updating. I see the settings key has been replaced by a dictation key so no need to fudge that with the Nexus keyboard, but you do have to come out of what you are doing to turn off the annoying autocorrect.
  3. Jakki89

    Jakki89 New Member

    I installed 2.2 last night.. Is there anyway I can get 2.1 back?! :(
    I've had problems with my phone since this update, its slowed it down. I hate the keypad now and my phone some how unlocked itself.. turned the volume down and was stuck on vibrate.
    Only happened since his update.

    Anyway of getting 2.1 back?! Please help!
  4. xralph

    xralph New Member

    Omg i downloaded the updates all was fine until 2.2 and now my phone is really slow and cant send messages or receive them and has now deleted all my messages wtf ????

    Anyways too restore too 2.1 ?
  5. J4M13

    J4M13 Member

    I got the updates. I purchased the phone 2 days after being released :)
  6. Sian_C

    Sian_C New Member

    I was wondering if anyone else had been experiencing problems since the new version installed.... Glad I'm not the only one. Ever since it installed a few days ago, my battery has been disappearing at a ridiculous rate - probably only about 12 hours between charges, even when I'm barely using my phone. Considering one of the reported updates was meant to be 'better battery management', this seems like a bit of a joke.

    I have a task killer application installed on my phone, which I use to kill applications after I've finished using them so they're not constantly running my battery down. It seems that whenever I click that now (to kill anything that's running apart from a select couple of things), it is ALWAYS killing at least a couple of app's, even if I've not opened anything since I last did it (possibly only 10 seconds previously). It's like the phone keeps randomly running things all by itself.

    I rang up Orange about this & the guy went through his generic list on his computer & the computer says it's likely to be a battery fault, which I REALLY doubt it is, but that's all the help they could offer. Nothing has changed about the way I've been using my phone - just that since this update the thing is sucking the battery dry. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING. Sort it out, Orange.....
  7. balders

    balders Well-Known Member

    Dont ever ever ever ever ever use a task killer. They cause far more trouble than they are worth. You dont need to kill an app after using it. Killing it then opening it will use far far more juice than if its just sat in the background not doing anything.

    read this, all of it.

    Android Task Killers Explained: What They Do and Why You Shouldn't Use Them
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  8. Sian_C

    Sian_C New Member

    Thanks for the link, balders, I'll take a look. But in the meantime, it still doesn't explain why my battery life has dropped massively since the latest system update (as I had the task killer on there before).....
  9. balders

    balders Well-Known Member

    No worries.

    Do you have many 3rd party apps installed?

    If your having battery trouble its probably a badly written app not getting along with 2.2

    If it was me I would do a hard reset and not reinstall and apps and see how it worked after that.
  10. Sian_C

    Sian_C New Member

    Of course! Well, I don't know about "many", but I have some, yes - who doesn't!? Without listing them all, does anyone know of any in particular that cause issues??

    ** Update 19/10/10 **

    Battery issue is now much better after stopping using the Task Killer... So balders, seems you were right! Thanks!!

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