Orb Question?

  1. wnyzfinest

    wnyzfinest Member

    So I have set up ORB (latest build) on my PC.
    I am Running ORB on my G1, works great - buffer isn't bad - using it as my screen on my zune cracked today, so im using the G1 as a temp backup.

    Now when I search and Open music, it opens i believe the default MP3 App opens it, but If i go back into the browser (BY HOLDING HOME) and selecting browser, the music is interrupted, any fix?

    -Side Note - ORB streams ZUNE marketplace DRM Files perfectly!

  2. randel77

    randel77 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem. I think the browser interrupts the stream.

    gmote is supposed to be able to stream music over 3g also but I wasn't able to get it to go even after forwarding my ports.
  3. wnyzfinest

    wnyzfinest Member

    So here's what it seems to be

    The Default Android Music Player CAN Stream MP3 files from the web, which is what ORB is using to stream from your PC OTA to your G1.

    Next What It appears
    When a song is Opened directly within Music Player, the window can be minimized and other tasks can be completed while listening to music.

    Now - When an MP3 is opened from ANOTHER source other than within the music player it self, it terminates the Music player,
    By Opening an MP3 from the File Manager App, playing a song, opening the task menu and resuming the browser, caused the Music App to terminate.

    So -
    Wondering is there any way to set the Music App to prevent it from closing, unless there is nothing playing.
  4. wnyzfinest

    wnyzfinest Member

    Now I notice that in ORB's Main Menu
    there is a settings tab

    there you can change the stream to .pls
    if you have Nagare / AntPlayer / Streamfurious

    Now I changed it but cant open it in these players,,

    can someone try this out..

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