Order & Chaos Online or Earth & Legend? (RPG's)

  1. yellowhat

    yellowhat New Member

    So I've decided to pick between one of these RPGs but not sure wwhich to pick. I've read reviews and watched vids of both and they both look nice. Just looking for something to sway my decision towards one or the other.
    Whichever I choose I'd like to be able to play for a long time without too much boredom. Anyone here that's played both and have an opinion on which has the better graphics? Any kind of info on either game is appreciated.

    P.s. there any other fantasy 3D rpgs that are similar to these?

  2. starboyk

    starboyk New Member

    I haven't played the other, but have invested a fair share of time into Order & Chaos. It is a (blatant) World of Warcraft clone that works brilliantly on Android devices. Initial download is Wi-Fi only (800+MB file), after that, you can play on your phone's data network OR wifi. First three or six months (don't remember) are included with cost, 1.99 every three months after, or, 2.99$ for 6. You can buy gold right from GameLoft - which is a nice perk to get you off the ground (20G for 5$), but, after doing some basic gathering and setting up an alt near an auction house, haven't needed more (I have my main gather all the crafting items, mail them to the alt, who then auctions it for 1-4G, and I mail it back to my main. Easy peezy). Nice thing over wow are the Rune Stones - 5$ for 30, and you can revive anywhere at the cost of one - no more 60 second load times for a graveyard that's another 10 minutes away. These can NOT be found in game - only purchased from GL. All rune stone purchases apply to all characters under an account, unlike the gold, which is character-specific. So, about once every other month I grab some more stones.

    Other than that, if you've played WoW, you know the game!
  3. Rhone

    Rhone Well-Known Member

    If you can stomach not having to play online and not having in app purchases, I highly recommend taking a look at Aralon: Sword and Shadow on the Amazon app store.

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