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  1. jviza

    jviza New Member

    I have s Samsing S5. Does anyone know how to ADD APPS to the folders that have already been created in the apps drawer? For example, I have a games folder and I've added the apps. Then I download another game. How can I add that game to the folder? (I know that if I put the folder on the home screen I can hold the apps and drag them to the folder. Hp wever the folder on the honescreen doesn't sync with the one in the apps drawer, but I don't want all my folders on my home screens.)

  2. jmatteis

    jmatteis Well-Known Member

    Click on edit, then go to the folder that you want to add stuff to, scroll down, click the plus (+) sign, and then scroll to the app(s) you want to add, click them, click done, etc...
    I also wish, that you could just click and hold the app until it goes to edit mode and drag and drop it in the app drawer!
  3. jviza

    jviza New Member

    Thank you!

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