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  1. Darkflame1

    Darkflame1 Active Member

    Is there ANY way to organize bookmarks? Is there a browser that allows organizing bookmarks in the Android OS (AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S4, Android ver 4.2.2 - NOT rooted ... yet)?

    And, as long as we are on the subject, what is your favorite browser, and why, and please contrast and compare features that brought you to this opinion (LOL!!! No, I am not a school teacher!).



  2. Henspots

    Henspots New Member

    Open the page you want to put in a folder (either new or a previously saved to fav page); tap the star: Select "save to other folder"; Select "New Folder"; Set up folder; Click OK. It works, but you have to do this for each of your bookmarks. New bookmarks can be saved directly to the folder of choice, which appears when you tap star.
  3. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    Alternately, if you're sharing your bookmarks between PC and phone, you can organize them on your PC and the changes will show up on your phone. That's what I do, all of my bookmarks are the same in my PC, tablet and phone.

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