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  1. Makavetis

    Makavetis Well-Known Member

    I just moved 1,500 art photos from my pc to my sd card.

    Is there a way to get to certain photo faster, because if i need a photo thats all the way on the bottom, it takes forever to always scroll down..

    also.. can i sort them all by name? it appears they're sorted by date modified.

  2. jayjay1122

    jayjay1122 Well-Known Member

    If you touch the screen to scroll, the scroll bar becomes visible and you can then "drag" it the rest of the way...Much faster this way.
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  3. myxmastrmike

    myxmastrmike Member

  4. nicball

    nicball Member

    If you make folders and then move pictures into folders this will be of great help, especially in the 3D gallery.

    What have you tried to do to 'sort' pictures in an 'intelligent' manner?
  5. myxmastrmike

    myxmastrmike Member

    Not sure what you're getting at with the ' 's but all my pictures have LONG since been seperated in folders and each picture is descriptively named... I'll quote my reply from my other thread...

    As you can see, each picture has a name then the number of the picture as the filename. When I plug my phone into my computer and view my sd card, all the files are perfectly sorted by name, as they should be. But on the phone, all files sort by date modified.... no way around it.
    Unless you know some magical 'intelligent sorting' technique we dont know about...

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