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Original Galaxy Tab with Gingerbread Update Amazing !

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  1. Sonic77

    Sonic77 Active Member

    The original Galaxy Tab running 2.3.3 Gingerbread is simply amazing.

    The stock browser that used to be poor becomes as smooth a an iPad with the update.

    It should become available to most Tab owners at some time
    or if you want to risk a flash Chainfire on XDA gives a tutorial,
    also videos on YouTube doing the same for GSM tabs.

    IMO it beats the current crop of lagging Honeycomb tablets by far.

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  2. Epleskrotten

    Epleskrotten Active Member

    That's funny. I updated mine to 2.3.3 just a few days before I took it with me on vacation, and it is so slow now it's close to useless. I hope there's a way to go back to 2.2 when I get back home in August.
  3. Timanator

    Timanator Well-Known Member

    Updated mine and it worked great for a few days. Then Dolphin HD upgrade brought the tab to uselessness. It is now back at Samsung for repair work because it refuses to reset to factory.
  4. YamaKing

    YamaKing Member

    I wonder if the two people above were using Sprint Galaxy Tabs and updated to Gingerbread using the Sprint files.
  5. JDWired

    JDWired Active Member

    It is the sprint files as they come default on the stock rom until they upgrade to the 2.3.4. Just don't root it and you'll be good to go. That's a highly recommended tip that you might want to take heed to.
  6. d4005

    d4005 Active Member

    How did you go about resetting it to the factory settings? (even though you didn't get it to reset, how did you try?).

    Same here. I'm back here browsing the forum to see how I can go back to 2.2. I had no problems at all on Froyo, but now the performance since 2.3.3 is absolutely appalling. It's so bad I've now stopped using it completely. It's that annoying. It's like going from a screaming fast i7 processor PC to an early 1990s 386 PC. Totally unworkable.

    I don't even know why I bothered going to the trouble of upgrading it either. There was only one single benefit I got from Gingerbread - the fact that the illuminated buttons stayed lit as long as the screen is lit. Hardly a major feature, but one I liked.

    If I can't go back to 2.2, I'll probably never pick that tab up again, unless it's to throw it against a wall for fun.
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