OS Services just used over 2GB of data todaySupport

  1. nubreed000

    nubreed000 Member

    Ok....let me start off with a WHAT. THE. %$&@!!!!!!

    I get a notification from "My Data Manager" app that I'm over the limit for my data this pay period...confused, I swipe down to see I'm already 73MB over my limit...go into the app, and apparently "OS Services" has eaten up 653MB of mobile data, and over 1.7GB in wifi (no limit there, but still!!).

    I *am* running SlimKAT (final release), with no auto-sync features enabled that would destroy this kind of data. Is there any other way to check exactly what caused this? It's like the freaking phone decided to upload all of my locally stored music somewhere...absolutely outrageous!!!


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