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  1. jayakumarv

    jayakumarv New Member

    Hai All,

    I have Samsung galaxy android 2.2 1, it working fine, now i would like to switch to new version like android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). If any possible to upgrade my device.please let me share it....


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  2. Prateek techie

    Prateek techie New Member

    Waana upgrade your galaxy pop mobile to ics 4.0?
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  3. Demogorgon

    Demogorgon Member

    This is SPAM,do not install v 4.0 to incompatible device ..
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  4. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    There is a CM9 Kang (copy) for the Mini, which is I guess what was being referred to, but not an official CM9 release.

    In any event this is a rooted custom ROM, rather than a Samsung update. If you are OK with that, I'd recommend visiting XDA to see what ICS ROMs exist, and read the threads to see how stable any of them are. Not everyone is though, and no shame in that.
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  5. KarthikeyanV

    KarthikeyanV New Member

    ankshi i m new to android market. i bought a samsung galaxy pop and when i try to upgrade its froyo to gingerbread through kies its downloading all the required firmware components but it failed to prepare the phone for upgrading pls help.. th
  6. Sharvil

    Sharvil New Member

    actually i know a video which can help u..but different meathod. not from samsung kies
  7. Sharvil

    Sharvil New Member

    let me check
  8. Sharvil

    Sharvil New Member

  9. mmanoj

    mmanoj Member

    use cm9 custom rom
  10. marsamgod

    marsamgod Member

    I used a ParanoidAndroid port for a while but it wasn't the most stable in the world and had to reinstall Gapps:mad:

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