[Osiris] Guess what ( 2 owe Osiris $5 each )

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  1. kraziejedi

    kraziejedi Well-Known Member

    WE HAVE ROOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have to Say This....
    DISCLAIMER, Neither myself, Team Osiris, kcurtis106, or Android Forums are responsible for anykind of malfunction or bricking of your device. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

    Now we got that out the way....
    Here are the steps needed
    ( orginal post from kcurtis106 http://androidforums.com/avid-4g-all-things-root/678268-successfully-rooted-zte-avid-4g-metropcs.html )

    I Did Copy and Paste the Instructions from kcurtis106's post in the Avid forums but I made the changes needed for the Force

    Prerequisites: ZTE device drivers for USB. (Connect your phone via the USB cable and choose the "Install Driver" connection type from your device).

    1: Boot phone into FTM (hold the Volume Up key and power on device).
    2: Connect USB cable to your computer.
    3: Download ZTE Avid 4g root (MetroPCS).zip and unzip.
    4: Open a command prompt ( start>All Programs>Accessories... assuming Windows OS being used
    5: From the command line, type cd into the newly created directory ( this is where the ZTE Avid file contents extracted is located, for example C:\Users\(username)\Desktop\ZTE Avid 4g root (MetroPCS)\6 ) and type root
    6: While the phone reboots, be sure to hold the "Volume Up" button to boot back into FTM. If it begins to boot normally, pull the USB cable and power phone down to reattempt booting into FTM. Once you're back in FTM, plug the USB cable back in and the script should resume the process.****
    7: Once it's finished, let the phone boot into normal mode and verify root access. I used "Root Checker Basic".

    If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask or PM me or rest of Team Osiris. I get on here often now so I will be checking up with the Forum

    ****This Step I did forget to hold Volume up to make sure it booted back into FTM. But the Force did reboot itself until I caught it. Trust original instructions but if this happens to you. don't be alarmed....

    It worked!!!!!!!! May The FORCE Be With Us All
    -Funny.... a Jedi let everyone know how to root the Force.....AWESOME

    Special Thanks Goes Out To kcurtis106 for originally posting this method for the Avid. THANKS HOMIE!!!!!
    Also thanks out to Team Osiris ( which includes me )

    Donations to Team Osiris for future Developments are VERY welcome
    Team Osiris

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  2. kraziejedi

    kraziejedi Well-Known Member

    im the first with a rooted force.... I feel special! LOL
  3. zimlokks

    zimlokks VIP Member VIP Member

    cuz ur awesome! lol :D great job!
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  4. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Well-Known Member Developer

    We are powered by the Curse of the mummy ..lol
  5. GoatTheHero

    GoatTheHero Well-Known Member

  6. fleapower

    fleapower Well-Known Member

    PayPal work for the $5?

    I'm going to attempt root this afternoon.
  7. kraziejedi

    kraziejedi Well-Known Member

    yes, paypal works... I posted a link to it on the orginal post
  8. kire13162

    kire13162 New Member

    This is fantastic. Thanks so much! This was the only thing keeping me from upgrading to the Force. Any word on a recovery module?
  9. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito VIP Member

    We are working on it ;)
  10. fleapower

    fleapower Well-Known Member

    Rooted! Easily worth $5.
  11. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Well-Known Member Developer

    i built CWM last night... just gotta get it working
  12. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Well-Known Member Developer

    can someone do me a favor. if you are already rooted. i need a propper system dump. can someone use nandroid online backup and create a system backup for me. please lol
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  13. GoatTheHero

    GoatTheHero Well-Known Member

    Still need that DM?
  14. Doctordon

    Doctordon New Member

    how bout with out paypal?
  15. GoatTheHero

    GoatTheHero Well-Known Member

    Still working on cwm?
  16. is there any way to know if this would root a ZTE Flash?
  17. zimlokks

    zimlokks VIP Member VIP Member

    checking dont think it will tho
  18. Thank you for knowing how.. is way beyond me.
  19. AMOCO

    AMOCO The Computer Guy Guide

    I'm having trouble with this.File not being found.Plus can I download this from my phone And transfer the file to my computer?Cause I only have internet on my phone right now.
  20. skriglitz

    skriglitz Active Member

    YES!!!! Rooted and working! :3 ( Well... Twice Actually.. first time was before activation which reset my phone to factory .-. ) Now to wait for that recovery image to be finished and paycheck so I can donate for this :)

    If I need to I can upload it to my dropbox and give a link. And yes you can. It's a zip file that contains all the files you will need (minus drivers preloaded on the phone)
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  21. GoatTheHero

    GoatTheHero Well-Known Member

    I'm not really worried about a custom recovery right now. This phone was pretty good on its own and root made it perfect for what I need it for. Still looking forward to what this phone is actually capabe of. Thank you guys for hooking us up with root and working on the "hard" stuff lol.
  22. AMOCO

    AMOCO The Computer Guy Guide

    Thank you skriglitz I got it done,finally.I didn't have the USB driver installed,Once I got them in I just double clicked the root file and it started the root in CMD.
    Now I'm rooted,Thanks to you all.
  23. jerryag

    jerryag Well-Known Member

    You should be able use Avid's touch cwm recovery as well.
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  24. fleapower

    fleapower Well-Known Member

    Have you tried it?
  25. jerryag

    jerryag Well-Known Member

    I'm an Avid user. But, this phone is identical in specs to the ZTE Avid 4G Software and hardware wise. So assuming that our root worked for you guys our Touch CWM Recovery would work just as well.

    Original CWM Thread

    CWM Download Link
    totlth Touch CWM(Avid) Possibly Force 4G as well

    Thanks to totlth for this.

    For dd:
    Copy touch-recovery.img to the root of your SDcard.

    For fastboot (touch-recovery.img in the same folder as your fastboot.exe)
    - Method does not work for Windows 8 users

    I am fairly certain it will work for you guys, are any of you brave enough to test the theory?!

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