OSX/IOS Reminders with Android?

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  1. papashango9

    papashango9 New Member

    Hi, I am a long time "mac guy" and and iphone user. I like their products but thinking of a change and am sick of the small screen size. The main hesitation is giving up things I am comfortable with on IOS and OSX, everything involved with synching because that stuff is big for me.

    So I am trying to make this work, but need to understand what compatibility I have before I buy an Android phone. I can give up the Iphone but still use macbook and Ipad all the time, it would be idea if they could all still speak to each other! I dont know any hard core android peeps so if you an add any expertise that would be amazing. Where what I know and need to figure out

    - I can sync through Itunes fairly easily (have a big library so am comfortable with it and all its faults), but would need to use a 3rd party app to transfer to an android phone? Any recommendation?

    -I assume I can use my yahoo and exchange email/calendar?

    -Big one for me: I edit 'contacts' and use 'reminders' on my macbook and ipad all the time. Any way i can synch this with android, or is there a 3rd party app on both platforms I can use instead of the apple apps?

    I am excited to see all the phones coming out this fall. Hopefully I can join the group!

  2. papashango9

    papashango9 New Member

    It looks like evernote will do the trick! any experiences to share from ex Mac addicts?
  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Depending on what program you use on your Mac, simply sync them to your Gmail account, and when you login to your phone when you buy it, it ill automatically download all your contacts and calendar.

    You have to make a Gmail account anyway if you don't have one. You use your Google account for the Android Play Store.

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