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  1. cuevad

    cuevad New Member

    hi i just rooted my 2.2.2. with gingerbreak,i was wondering is the ally still being supported by vez with ota updates and if so with it undone the root or any roms i install ??

  2. x-amp

    x-amp Well-Known Member

    support for the Ally has pretty much ended.:(
  3. PunjabiRemiix

    PunjabiRemiix Well-Known Member

    Definitely :( .. i think most of the Developers are dropping support for the Ally and moving on to Better Phones :( ... not many roms being developed besides Bionix, Stormdroid 2.0 and Velocity 1.2.2 .. which i read a while ago to be the last rom dropped for the ally (Stormdroid 2.0, and Velocity 1.2.2) ........ only if we had ICS Port .. But hey, im thanking the developers for even choosing this phone and bringing it this Far, nothing would have happened without them ::D

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