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OTA Bricking + Bad Customer Experience

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  1. Randymac88

    Randymac88 Member

    This update bricked my non-rooted, normal, perfectly running no light-leak or battery issue EVO 4G.

    To add insult to injury, when I returned the phone to the Sprint store where I got it, I was told that they didn't have any in stock and wouldn't until "Thursday or Friday". In addition, due to what I would consider to be a very minor scratch on the bezel (not on the screen), which they didn't even notice until I pointed it out to them, they would need to charge me a $25 restocking fee. I argued that this was Sprint's problem not mine, I just downloaded an OTA update to fix a bunch of bugs that were in their software. They said it was policy and there was nothing that could be done about it. And if I wanted to exercise my 30-day out, it would be a $50 restocking fee.

    After getting home and calling Sprint to complain, I learned that the store I bought the phone at was actually *not* an official store, rather an independent store called "Sprint Store by InMobile" that only *looked* like a real Sprint store. There is honestly no way to tell the difference. I'm new to Sprint, ditched my beloved iPhone for this thing, how am I supposed to know the difference between a real sprint store and one that's just trying to look like one?

    I feel like I've been totally duped. So now I have no phone for a week while I wait to pay $25 for a new phone that actually works the way it was advertised.

  2. This makes zero sense.

    First, go to an actual sprint store. Sprint Store Locator

    Add zip, hit enter.

    Find a store that say just sprint, not sprint by...

    Call them to make an appointment as soon as you can.

    Now take the bricked phone, explain to them what happen and that you would like to do a 30 day exchange/warranty on the phone.


    Please do this, because everyone you have talked to is lying to you.
  3. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    Yeah Hesse went on tv and said that you could return it in 30 days for free. I wouldn't be paying any sort of restocking fee.
  4. Randymac88

    Randymac88 Member

    The first place I took the phone was to a Sprint store near my office. They confirmed the bricking and told me I needed to go to the store that I purchased the phone, and have it replaced. Are they even able to replace the phone, considering it was purchased at what appears to be an unofficial Sprint store?
  5. MisterEd

    MisterEd Well-Known Member

    Because in the 1st 30 days you need to go to the point of purchase as it is still under the 30 day return policy. On Day 31 you can go to any Sprint Corp Store. I'd return it, pay the $50 then contact your credit card company and dispute it. Or contact Sprint and have them credit it to your account.
  6. bluehaze013

    bluehaze013 Well-Known Member

    Seems pretty easy to me to tell an actual Sprint store from a reseller...

    Sucks that you couldn't tell the difference but I would like to think Sprint will make it right if you actually call them and give them all the info of the reseller that's giving you the runaround. Sprint can't police thier resellers on thier own, they rely on folks like you with problems to point out the bad resellers so they can get rid of them.

    Given my experience with Sprint so far i'd like to think they would make this right if you call them and aproach it properly.
  7. They are doing a warranty replacement. That is with sprint as a corporation, not resellers. Call store, tell them you have a bricked phone ask them for an appointment. If they tell you to go back to where you bought it, tell them, it needs service/replacement. Tell them it is a warrenty issue, which is to be handled with their company. If they still resist, ask for a repair center, go to them, tell them that you phone has stop working, ask them to repair it.

    If they give you the run around. Ask for the store manager. Just show them that they have to fix the problem.

    Asking you to go back to where you bought it is stupid. What if you bought it in California and live in new york?
  8. as329

    as329 Well-Known Member

    +1. I've been with Sprint for 10 years. Sometimes you have to pull the Jedi mind trick on them and nicely explain that you're getting a new phone. While their CS used to suck, they have been much better in the last few years. Call CS or go see a manager, but if your nice (which I understand your desire to rip someone's head off, I'm not terribly pleased with the update either, but didn't get a brick), and persistent you should get some love. Especially since you are a coveted new subscriber, which they need right now.
  9. kiz88

    kiz88 Well-Known Member

    Guys if you brick it is on them, this is NOT AN INSURANCE issue.

    This is there fu*k up.
  10. laredo7mm

    laredo7mm Well-Known Member

    From Sprint's website:

  11. privraac

    privraac Active Member

    My phone was bricked this morning on the first update. It had a small dent/chip in the screen from when I dropped it. I bought it at a Best Buy on launch day. I took it to the nearest Sprint store this morning, they tried a few things. When they couldn't fix it, they gave me a new phone out of the box, no problems, no restocking fee. I don't think it was just because I have TEP, as this is a manufacturing problem. You shouldn't have to return or exchange the phone.
  12. ImmaSlave4U

    ImmaSlave4U Well-Known Member

  13. Randymac88

    Randymac88 Member

    The $35 restocking applies to existing customers who upgraded. For new customers it states that they waive the activation fee.

    "If for any reason you

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