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  1. Tslide91

    Tslide91 Well-Known Member

    This is for those who have not gotten the over-the-air Gingerbread update for their MyTouch 4G.

    First, download the file named PD15IMG.zip from this site and place it on the root of your SD card (meaning not in any folders, just dropped onto the SD card)

    Then, turn your phone off. Do a battery pull, or turn off "fast boot."

    Hold down the power button while holding down the "volume down" button.

    This will boot into your bootloader, where you can select "Apply Update.zip"

    Follow on-screen instructions, and enjoy the official Gingerbread on your MyTouch 4G.

    DISCLAIMER: Even upon successful install, you WILL lose your settings, apps, and possibly contacts (depending on how you have them stored). I am not responsible for your device if this does not work for you. Also, neither is the original file host. This is not my file, or website. I have had no contact with the original host. I took a shot in the dark, said "screw it" and tried the update. I did successfully update using this file.

    This file will update your MyTouch 4G (HTC Glacier) to:
    Android Version: 2.3.4
    HTC Sense Version: 2.1
    Software Number: 2.19.531.1

    Kernel Version:
    htc-kernel@and18-2 #1

    Baseband Version:

    Build Number: 2.19.531.1 CL95282 release-keys

  2. seangworld

    seangworld Active Member

    can i do this directly from my phone, or do i have to download to my desktop, then usb it over to my phone?
  3. Tslide91

    Tslide91 Well-Known Member

    Either. If you do it from your phone, you'll need a file manager to move the file onto the root of your SD card. That's the method I used.

    Plugging it into your computer is probably easier though.
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  4. seangworld

    seangworld Active Member

    thanks, i do have a couple of file manager apps on my phone. i guess i get to finally use them. lol
  5. Tslide91

    Tslide91 Well-Known Member

    Haha, I heard that. I never use mine either ;)
  6. bjumpsnota

    bjumpsnota Member

    This worked great and didn't take much time at all. Thanks a lot for the link. Everything seems to be running smoothly except I can't send picture messages. I seem to recall having this problem when I first got the phone but I don't remember what the fix was. Any suggestions?
  7. seangworld

    seangworld Active Member

    it could be the tmobile network or something because last night (when i was on 2.2.1) i sent a slideshow of about 5 pics to a friend whom i usually send pics too and they never frickin went, even today they still never left my phone. usually i dont have a problem. so it cant be the version of the android, it's frickin tmobile being a butthole. lol

    ANYWAY, i just finally downloaded the file to my phone, used ASTRO FILE to find the file, moved it to /sdcard (the file was on the card but in "download" for those looking for it). i moved it to /sdcard as i just said, then followed the instructions and everything is running fine. it took awhile to load back up after it updated and tells you to reboot, so be patient.

    i remember people saying that "image file not found" messages. it'll say this but read every line. the last one tells you it found it and is updating, so look close before you cuss it out and get paranoid and shiet. lol do what you're told and it does indeed work.

    im now running android 2.3.4. THANK YOU A LOT (OP) !!
  8. seangworld

    seangworld Active Member

    just a note, but i actually didnt lose anything when i updated. maybe SOME apps, but not all, most were still on my phone and work, all my music, all my photos/videos and contacts are intact.
  9. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    The things that are on your SD card (e.g. music, photos, videos, ebooks, etc.) are not affected by the update. Contacts should resynch from Google or T-Mobile. The only things I lost when I had the update done in a T-Mobile store were apps I had installed. I had a list of those, so reinstalling them was easy. Glad your update went well.
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  10. Tslide91

    Tslide91 Well-Known Member

    You're welcome guys! I don't mind spending the time to do these little tutorials as long as people appreciate it ;)

    If you really wanna thank me, just click that "thanks" button and that's enough for me!

    Glad you guys are digging the update, I love it too. Better battery, smoother, all around better! Cheers.
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  11. seangworld

    seangworld Active Member

    other than some icon changes and wording, i really dont see any difference...
  12. seangworld

    seangworld Active Member

    lol, off topic a little but i just noticed the mt4g ad dropped the price by 60 bucks overnight.
  13. Tslide91

    Tslide91 Well-Known Member

    There should be a quick settings tab in the notification shade now too, along with improved battery life and more responsive touch screen.
  14. Katie17

    Katie17 New Member

    I got the link from another site and the instructions were not too clear. Now I am afraid to move on. I think I might have named the file wrong, I added .zip to the end of the file name. I turn on the phone while holding vol down. Now I have a white screen with options of fastboot, recovery, factory reset, simlock, image crc. Can someone help because I now cant see my phone on computer to fix file name.
  15. horspowr89

    horspowr89 Member

    I have done this update. every thing works great on the phone. All except the camera. When the the camera loads it just loads a black screen. I have tried to reset the phone and restore. I have ran the update again. i still have the problem. Anyone have any ideas?
  16. seangworld

    seangworld Active Member

    since updating, and it's been about a week now, i do definitely notice a huge improvement on the battery life. to the poster asking about renaming files and whatnot - FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. if you follow them, you do NOT need to rename any files.
  17. horspowr89

    horspowr89 Member

    Is there not any one having this problem with the camera after the update?
  18. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    I use my camera with the CamScanner app and to make Schwab deposits and have no problems.
  19. Tslide91

    Tslide91 Well-Known Member

    I haven't had a single issue with mine, so I can't help you with the camera problem. Haven't experienced it.

    The only bug I've found in this one so far, is an MMS problem. I can't download MMS over Wifi. I have to disconnect from Wifi to receive an MMS message. It's bullshit. haha
  20. Barfighter

    Barfighter Active Member

    worked like a charm......when I rooted for some reason my bluetooth stopped working with streaming audio and audio files, works again...thanks!
  21. kairi2

    kairi2 Member

    worked for me, thanks for posting this!

    question: i used titanium/visionary/etc to temproot my phone before this OS upgrade. i understand there's no way to temproot without going through a downgrading process, and that's fine. the only thing is.. i made some app backups with titanium. does this mean i can't restore all my app data unless i wait for a root solution?
  22. rebekahc

    rebekahc Member

    Hopefully this will save someone a lot of time. If you get a message saying that there is no image or a bad image on the bootloader, you need to format your SD card to FAT32 and redownload the file. To format, right click on the drive under My Computer.
  23. 1BlinkGone

    1BlinkGone Well-Known Member

    I've upgraded four phones with this file & process, and in each case it's worked like a charm. Thanks!!
  24. eric90808

    eric90808 New Member

    Does this work on the new LG MyTouch too?
  25. Tslide91

    Tslide91 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys! I'm glad this worked for you!

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