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OTA ICS + FDR, No sound from other end in call unless speakerphoneGeneral

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  1. sinned6915

    sinned6915 Member

    I am not getting audio during a call unless I put the call on speaker phone.

    They can hear me fine.

    ICS OTA and I did FDR.

    It's not completely repeatable, but when it happens it happens.

    This it's not exactly the kind of improvement I was hoping for from ICS.

    EDIT: does not happen with wired headset. Don't have Bluetooth. Also running Google voice and SIPDroid but the calls are placed as standard VZW voice calls.

    Any thoughts on where to start?

  2. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    Probably going to have to get a replacement. It's a shame how these companies won't allow us to bounce from os to os.

    One more thing you could try that's a long shot. Boot into stock recovery and clear the cache. :)
  3. sinned6915

    sinned6915 Member

    I don't think it's hardware. I have turned on dial pad tones. I have also turned on call notification tone. I hear tones when I dial numbers. I do not hear the call notification tone when this happens.

    As soon as the call ends, sound returns to the speaker. So when I hang up in frustration and call again, I hear the dial tones.

    I have uninstalled GB and sipdroid. Cleared the cache too. Same thing.

    Thing is, I was using all the is before the update. I would be very surprised if this was hardware. This is replacement phone #3.
  4. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    If you did a Factory Reset and the problem is still occurring, it almost has to be a hardware issue...

    A lot of people try to blame the OTA updates on these issues, but it is EXTREMELY rare for that to be the case, the update process goes though a MD5 checksum compare to make sure the downloaded file is an exact match to what it should be (only a 1 out of 2^128 chance of it being wrong), then checks a bunch of other stuff too. About the only place this can fail is in the flashing itself, which lends towards corrupt NVRAM.

    Of course, if you think that is the issue, you could just reflash .246 leaked firmware.
  5. sinned6915

    sinned6915 Member

    I am not discounting the possibility of a hardware issue.

    It seems very odd that the speaker output works for everything BUT the audio on a voice call.

    Ate there any diagnostic apps that are accurate?

    I have not figured our the diagnostic feature in the recovery screen.

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