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  1. ch4rliev

    ch4rliev New Member

    Ok so here it goes... My Rezound has been rooted on stock rom for a couple monthes now on GB. I got an update a few weeks ago "preparing for ICS" and then the other night it pushed the actual update onto my phone without letting me defer from it while I was driving. So here is where it gets tricky The Update got to about 80% and my battery died.
    I try to boot up and I get the HTC screen and then nothing.

    My computer wont recognize it as an adb device BUT it will recognize it as a fastboot device when I boot the phone into bootloader mode.

    I can fastboot flash but nothing Ive tried to flash has fixed it. I dont know what my current firmware is now, can i find out from bootloader? I just dont know what to flash to get everything running again. I'm S-ON so I cant go backwards with firmware right?

    anyway, any help would be great. Ive been phoneless for a full week at this point.

    I dont know what to do PLZ HELP


  2. phxfireguy

    phxfireguy Well-Known Member

    Do you have a backup of the phone? Amon Ra or CWM?
  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    if you have a stock recovery,then fastboot boot amon,if you have a permanently installed recovery,boot to it. wipe cache and dalvik cache,and see if your phone will then boot.

    if that doesnt work,yuo can restore a backup as mentioned above.

    if that doesnt work,you may have to relock and run a RUU. if thats the case,just run the ruu for 3.14.605.12 and be done with it,so the impending OTAs dont just start immediately pestering you. if it comes to this,theres not a good way to recover your data that i know of,a re-setup will be needed,so just run ruu for the most recent release.

    you can find it here: http://shipped-roms.com/index.php?category=android&model=Vigor

    if that does not work,then your phone may have powered off during a critical firmware flash(hboot or radio) and as such,id say you should be entitled to a replacement device,as an OTA should be able to check your battery status before forcing itself upon you.
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  4. ch4rliev

    ch4rliev New Member

    downloaded the zip, now how do i run ruu?

    thanks for all the help scotty!
  5. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    if youre using the .zip file,rename it PH98IMG and place it on the root of your sd card.

    pull the battery for a few seconds,then hold vol down and power until you see a white screen with colored letters. this is hboot. if the flile is named correctly,and the sd card is formatted FAT32,the phone will find the file,check it,and ask if you want to update. tell it yes :)

    youll have to relock prior to doing that.(you can reunlock after running it with your original unlock_code.bin)
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  6. ch4rliev

    ch4rliev New Member

    Worked perfect! I have a phone again... although one thing I will mention the link you gave for "shippedroms", I couldnt download from that site for some reason. I ended up just searching for the file and finding on XDA to dowload. Thanks a ton for your help Scotty!
  7. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    awsome! glad you got it sorted :cool: sorry about the shipped roms link,they have been apparently having server troubles the last few days :(

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